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Emmerdale fans demand soap be moved to post-watershed as Meena’s murder plot darkens

Meena has killed four people

Emmerdale fans have demanded the soap be moved to post-watershed as Meena Jutla’s murder storyline gets darker.

Meena has murdered four people, three of her victims being residents of Emmerdale.

Her sister Manpreet started to get closer to the truth and when she met up with Carol, the sister of Meena’s first victim Nadine. Carol told Manpreet she believes Meena killed Nadine.

Emmerdale Dec 24 Manpreet meets with Carol who tells her she believes Meena killed Nadine
Manpreet met Carol (Credit: ITV)

When Manpreet confronted Meena over her behaviour, she tried to kill her.

However the sisters ended up getting caught up in the Woolpack explosion.

Manpreet went into a coma. But she soon came out of it and pretended not to remember the events leading up to the explosion.

Manpreet was soon discharged from the hospital and Meena assured she would take care of her sister.

However Manpreet fell into Meena’s trap and Meena realised her sister does remember everything and is holding her captive.

Emmerdale fans demand soap be moved to post-watershed as Meena holds her sister captive

Meena is holding Manpreet captive (Credit: ITV)

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In last night’s scenes (Wednesday, December 29) Meena confessed to Manpreet she murdered Leanna, Andrea and Ben, leaving the doctor horrified.

It became clear Meena has sinister plans for her sister, who she has tied to a bed. But fans aren’t impressed with some requesting the episode is pushed back to after the 9pm watershed.

How many people has Meena killed?

Meena killed her best friend Nadine Butler before she moved to the village.

She then went on to kill Leanna back in July. Leanna found out Meena killed Nadine and although she promised to stay quiet, Meena murdered the teenager.

Leanna was Meena’s second victim (Credit: ITV)

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In October Meena killed Andrea Tate who witnessed her trying to drown Victoria Sugden.

In November Meena went on to kill Ben Tucker who found evidence of Meena trying to kill Victoria.

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