Emmerdale fans ‘creeped out’ by sex pest Rodney Blackstock

Rodney wants Diane back - but she's made it clear she doesn't feel the same way

Emmerdale fans are horrified at Rodney Blackstock refusing to take no for an answer from Diane Sugden.

The tangerine-hued octogenarian has been enjoying drunken sexual encounters with his ex-wife.

Emmerdale Diane Sugden repeatedly rejects Rodney Blackstock
Emmerdale Diane Sugden repeatedly rejects Rodney Blackstock (Credit: ITV)

But Diane has repeatedly turned down his amorous approaches – only to be worn down by a combination of Rodney and booze.

In last night’s episode Rodney was on cloud nine after sleeping with Diane again after they got drunk.

He even moved into her house after she agreed while sozzled.

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But tonight he tried to seduce her again – and ignored her repeated rejections.

“Stop being a grump and give me a kiss,” he said.

“Come here,” he added as she told him no.

Calling a halt to matters, Diane said: “I’ve told you I had enough of that yesterday.

“I mean it Rodney,” she said as she began to flee out of the room.

However at that moment she fell over one of Rodney’s boxes and twisted her ankle, crying out in pain.

Only then did Rodney stop, but viewers were disgusted with him.

One said: “So #emmerdale Diane clearly told Rodney NO many times!”

Emmerdale sex pest Rodney Blackstock
Emmerdale sex pest Rodney Blackstock has enraged viewers (Credit: ITV)

Emmerdale fans slam Rodney Blackstock

“Surely with current issues in society you should be promoting NO MEANS NO!”

A second said: “Ewwwww Rodney really makes my skin crawl in Emmerdale. Letchy perv.”

A third agreed, adding: “Emmerdale have form for this.

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“They did the same with Moira and Nate.

“All Nate had to do was keep asking and Moira wound eventually give in because she wanted it really, even when saying ‘no’.

“I think the show thinks that nagging for sex is foreplay and being worn down romantic.”

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