Emmerdale fans convinced they know who Nate’s mum is as Cain’s revealed as his dad

Cain's certainly had a lot of women!

Viewers of Emmerdale were gobsmacked last night, when Nate’s secret identity was finally revealed – and, as some fans suspected all along, he is Cain Dingle’s son.

On Tuesday (October 22), Nate told Cain who he really was in explosive scenes which left fans dying to find out more…

Not least WHO Nate’s mum is.

Cain took Nate and Moira out on a boat (Credit: ITV)

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Viewers saw Cain arriving at the hotel where Nate and Moira were staying for a farming event.

Having recently just found out Moira and Nate were having an affair, Cain had revenge on his mind and got them to go out on a boat to do some ‘fishing’.

But things soon turned sour when Cain kept hinting to the farmhand that he knew about the affair.

“Do you see me now? Dad” (Credit: ITV hub)

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Holding Cain over the side of the boat, Nate said: “Nate. Short for Nathaniel. Look at me and remember. Do you see me now? Dad.”

He added: “You must’ve known that I’d come for you one day. That I’d find you.”

Meanwhile, back at the farm Faith was rummaging through Nate’s caravan and found a photo of Nate’s mum.

The shock made her sink to the floor.

Faith found a photo (Credit: ITV hub)

And viewers turned to social media to discuss who they thought Nate’s mum could be.

Some are convinced Nate’s mum is Latisha Daggert, played by Danielle Henry, who last appeared in the soap in August 2006.

Cynthia Daggert’s oldest child, she had an ill-fated relationship with Cain which went sour because of his increasing feelings for Angie Reynolds.

One fan tweeted: “Hang on, could Nate’s mum be Latisha Daggert?”

Over on Emmerdale Addicts Facebook fan page, another said: “Nate’s mum has to be Latisha, doesn’t it?”

Long-term fans believe Angie must be the mum, who died in a car crash in November 2002.

One wrote: “Angie Reynolds is the mum. That would make Nate about 19, and anything is possible in soapland.”

Another added: “Nate is about 20 years old. His mother would be Angie Reynolds and he was given up for adoption. Cain arrived a year before the Reynolds family.”

While some pointed out that Angie wasn’t mixed race, a third said: “Angie died on screen in 2002, but in 1998-1999 she broke off her affair with Cain and he vowed revenge by sleeping with Ollie. She went away because her husband’s father Len turned up. Angie went away on police training. It would add up!”

Others suggested Nate’s mum was Ollie Reynolds, Angie’s daughter, writing: “Cain had an affair with Angie Reynolds’ daughter Ollie around the time Nate would have been born. We will probably find out that Ollie was adopted and had mixed race parents.”

Jasmine Thomas was also thrown into the mix of possible mums, while a few even suggested Faith is the mum – but that really would be a twist.

However, another popular theory is that the woman is not yet known in Emmerdale.

One said: “There’s no way we know Nate’s mum, so that’s history we have not seen. Excitement or what?”

Another added: “Cain has only been in Emmerdale for 20 years. If Nate is 21 or 22, his mum is before he first arrived in Emmerdale.”

A third typed: “Cain hasn’t been in any relationships or one-night-stands with any black women in his entire run on the show, so it’s typical ‘before the character arrived’ back story.”

All will be revealed this week…

Emmerdale airs weeknights at 7pm on ITV, with an extra episode at 8pm on Thursdays.

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