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Sunday 31st May 2020

Emmerdale fans convinced they know the REAL reason Ellis has been recast

Now THAT would be explosive!

Ellis Chapman is returning to Emmerdale any day now, and fans of the soap are convinced they know the REAL reason the character was recast.

This morning, ITV revealed the personal trainer will return with a new face before the year is out - and announced that actor Aaron Anthony will now be playing the role.

Asan was axed from the role after threatening to kill Jamie Lomas (Credit: ITV)

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Aaron will be taking over the role from Asan N'jie, who was sacked in September after a violent altercation at the TV Choice Awards.

Ellis joined the soap last year, but fans thought he had been written out last month when he joined his mum Jessie in Dubai to work as a PE assistant in the school Jessie is working in.

This December, as tensions between Ellis's dad Al and Ellis's half-brother Billy threaten to boil over, Ellis returns to the village unannounced.

Ellis went to Dubai to work with his mum Jessie (Credit: ITV)

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Fans were quick to react to the news, with some saying Aaron looks much older than Asan.

Others wondered why the character had been recast at all, comparing it to Shila Iqbal's portrayal of Aiesha Richards.

If Ellis has been recast, I'm sticking with my theory that Vic's baby is Ellis's not Lee's.

When Shila was also sacked earlier this year for offensive historic tweets, her character was NOT replaced.

Asan played Ellis until earlier this year (Credit: ITV)

So why was Ellis?

Some fans have expressed the compelling theory that the only reason Ellis is returning and leaving his mum in Dubai is because he is the father of Victoria's baby and NOT rapist Lee.

One wrote: "If Ellis has been recast I'm sticking with my theory that Vic's baby is Ellis's not Lee's #Emmerdale."

Another said: "Yeah he needed to be replaced as I feel he is needed for the storyline of Victoria's baby, as I think she has her dates wrong and the baby is Ellis's and not Lee's #justmytake."

A third agreed typing: "Does anyone really miss Ellis? Oh god, I bet they do a 'dramatic' love triangle with him, vile Victoria and her rapist brother lover and 'shock twist!' that it's Ellis' baby!!"

It's not the first time this theory has been suggested - soap fans were convinced Victoria was pregnant with Ellis' baby before his departure.

The pair had a brief on-off romance just weeks before she was horrifically raped by Lee Posner.

Vic and Ellis had a brief fling (Credit: ITV)

However one fan was livid with the idea suggesting Robert's jail sentence and subsequent divorce from Aaron would have all been in vain if Victoria isn't carrying Lee's baby.

Speaking on his new role Aaron said: "Emmerdale is a cracking show with a brilliant cast that I'm over the moon to now be a part of.

"I know Ellis is a well-loved character and I'm looking forward to continuing his journey and all that's in store for him."

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