Emmerdale fans convinced paedophile Maya Stepney trashed Take A Vow to get revenge on Leyla

Former school teacher Maya is believed to be living abroad

Emmerdale fans are convinced paedophile Maya Stepney is back in the village and was the one who trashed Take A Vow to get revenge on Leyla Harding.

Fans of the show will remember Maya, who was jailed for grooming schoolboy Jacob Gallagher.

After her prison release, it was believed she had gone abroad for a new life. But now viewers are convinced she’s back in the village.

Someone vandalised Take A Vow. But who? (Credit: ITV Hub)

In Friday’s episode of Emmerdale (May 22) Leyla had prepared a presentation for her clients at Take A Vow. But beforehand, an unknown assailant crept into the office and trashed her display.

When Leyla got to the office with her clients, they were so distressed they left and it looks like she’s lost their business.

Leyla immediately pointed the finger at Leanna (Credit: ITV Hub)

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As the wedding planner knows her boyfriend’s daughter Leanna has it in for her, she immediately blamed the teenager and gave her a slap across the face.

But fans don’t think it was Leanna, they believe Maya is back and did it for revenge.

Emmerdale: Why would Maya want revenge on Leyla?

On Emmerdale’s big night out last year, Priya caught Maya and Jacob kissing and immediately told Leyla, who is Jacob’s biological mother.

Leyla, Priya and Tracy drove off with Maya but she escaped into the woods. When Maya began talking about sleeping with Jacob, Leyla ended up hitting her over the head with a rock.

Leyla was disgusted when she found out what Maya had been doing to her son (Credit: ITV)

She then left Maya in the woods, not telling Tracy and Priya what she had done.

But Maya survived and fled to a hotel where she met up with Jacob. Eventually Jacob’s dad, Maya’s boyfriend David, found out the truth.

Maya was eventually caught and went to prison for her crimes. She was released just five months into her one year sentence and it was revealed to viewers she was pregnant.

Maya left her son with David and Jacob (Credit: ITV)

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On Christmas day, she left the baby with David and Jacob. A DNA test proved David is the biological father. But with Maya’s son being in the village, could it be a reason for her to return?

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