Emmerdale fans ‘convinced’ Meena is really Manpreet’s daughter

Manpreet and Meena fell out years ago

Emmerdale fans are convinced Meena is really Manpreet’s daughter.

Last week, Meena arrived in the village and it became clear that Manpreet wasn’t happy to see her estranged sister.

Although Manpreet tried to keep the reason for her and Meena’s falling out quiet, in last night’s episode (Tuesday, September 29) Manpreet told her husband Rishi the truth.

The doctor explained that Meena had slept with her first husband behind her back a few years previous.

Meena slept with Manpreet’s first husband (Credit: ITV)

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Meena tried to explain that she did it to prove Manpreet’s husband was a cheater. But Manpreet obviously wasn’t ready to forgive.

However fans have another theory about the siblings – they believe Manpreet is actually Meena’s mother.

Emmerdale: Why is Meena trying to make amends with Manpreet?

Meena explained to Manpreet that her husband ended up getting fired from his job. But when she tried to help by working, her husband said she showed no faith in him getting another job.

Eventually their marriage ended and Meena’s husband walked out on her. But despite Meena pleading with her sister for help, Manpreet sent her packing.

What’s next for Meena and Manpreet?

Next week, Meena tries to talk to Manpreet once again. However her attempt to build bridges turns sour quickly as Manpreet soon storms off leaving Meena kicking herself.

Soon she turns her charms to Rishi, who enjoys the attention as she opens up about her life.

Meena turns her charms to Rishi (Credit: ITV)

But an uneasy Manpreet worries about the closeness developing between her sister and husband.

Soon Manpreet heads back to the surgery to look through CVs for the nurse job vacancy. Rishi comes up with a plan and introduces Meena to Liam and puts her forward for the job.

However when Manpreet learns this she’s furious and gives Meena a tough time in the interview.

Rishi tries to help Manpreet get a job (Credit: ITV)

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Liam can’t believe how she handles the situation and back at home it’s clear Rishi doesn’t approve of his wife’s actions.

Will Meena and Manpreet ever be able to fix things?

Emmerdale airs weeknights at 7pm on ITV, with an extra episode at 8pm on Thursdays.

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