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Emmerdale fans convinced Marcus has a secret connection to Jordan

Marcus arrived in the village earlier this year

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Emmerdale fans are convinced that Marcus could have a secret connection to Jordan Greenlow.

Last month Jordan attacked Billy Fletcher. Ethan was called in to be Jordan’s solicitor and Billy told police it was a racist attack.

However fans think Ethan’s boyfriend Marcus could be connected to Jordan, with some suggesting he is a part of Jordan’s gang.

Jordan attacked Billy (Credit: ITV)

Emmerdale: Ethan and Jordan

Last month Ethan was called into work to represent Jordan, who had been arrested for assault.

Ethan was shocked to see Jordan’s victim was his neighbour, fellow Emmerdale resident Billy.

Jordan claimed he acted in self-defence but Billy told police that Jordan was being racist towards him.

Ethan was left torn over whether to stay on the case or drop out.

In this week’s scenes, Jordan came to the village to try and intimidate Billy.

Jordan told Billy he’s part of a gang (Credit: ITV)

He told Billy that he was part of a gang.

However Al witnessed Jordan talking to Billy on the bridge.

In tonight’s episode (Thursday, May 19) Ethan found out what Jordan had done and called him in for a meeting.

Ethan told Jordan he could no longer represent him and Jordan was furious.

However Jordan’s racist remarks left his wife Courtney disgusted and she walked out of the meeting.

Ethan Anderson is thrown to the floor terrified by Jordan
Jordan attacked Ethan, but could he be connected to someone in the village? (Credit: ITV)

Emmerdale fans convinced Marcus has a secret connection to Jordan

Later Ethan was heading home when he called his boyfriend Marcus to make plans for the evening. Little did he know Jordan was following him.

Jordan approached Ethan in an underground walkway and began having a go at him for dropping his case.

As Jordan began to make racist comments, Ethan warned him he needed to back off.

Meanwhile, Marcus started to wonder where Ethan was as he was running late back from work.

Hearing this, Billy went looking for the solicitor.

Fans think Marcus is connected to Jordan (Credit: ITV)

Billy managed to find Ethan as Jordan was violently beating him.

Jordan tried to get Billy to drop the charges and leave Ethan. However Billy called the police before approaching Jordan.

As Ethan was taken into an ambulance, Marcus came along.

He saw Jordan being held by police officers and asked Billy if that was the man who hurt Ethan.

Marcus said prison was the best place for Jordan and called him “scum.”

However fans think that Marcus secretly knows Jordan.

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