Emmerdale: Fans convinced Luke is after Victoria’s inheritance

Luke wanted Victoria to sell her land

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Emmerdale fans are convinced Luke is after Victoria’s inheritance that she was left by her grandmother Annie Sugden.

A few weeks ago, Victoria learnt her grandmother Annie had died. After her funeral, Victoria returned to the village with Annie’s ashes.

However she was shocked when she received a package, which revealed Annie had owned some of the land that Butler’s farm uses. And it turns out she had left this land to Victoria.

Victoria was left land by Annie (Credit: ITV)

Victoria told her boyfriend Luke about the inheritance. But she wasn’t sure whether to keep the land, or sell it.

As Moira’s farm uses some of the land, Victoria knew it would put Moira’s business in danger if she were to sell. Due to their friendship, the chef was torn over what to do.

However Luke seemed to think Victoria should sell the land, as it would give her and her son Harry financial stability.

Luke seemed to want Vic to sell the land. But she decided to keep it (Credit: ITV)

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After speaking to Moira, Victoria decided to keep the land as that’s what Annie would’ve wanted.

But fans are convinced Luke is trying to get Victoria sell so he can get his hands on her inheritance money.

Emmerdale: Victoria and Luke

Victoria and Luke recently got back together after Victoria realised she wanted to make the most of her life.

Luke keep your nose out of it.

Last year, Victoria was raped by a man named Lee, which resulted in her falling pregnant. Lee was later killed by Victoria’s brother Robert, who went to prison.

Victoria and Luke recently got back together. But is he after her money? (Credit: ITV)

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Meanwhile Victoria sparked up a friendship with Luke. However she didn’t find out he was Lee’s brother until the day of Robert’s trial.

Eventually the two began dating, but Victoria struggled to be with someone again after what Lee had done.

However, with Victoria and Luke are giving their relationship another go, would he really betray her by going after her money?

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