Emmerdale fans convinced Andrea is being set up by Kim

The mystery man seemed suspicious to fans

Fans of Emmerdale are convinced Andrea Tate is being set up by her mother-in-law Kim.

Wedding planner Andrea is terrified about losing her daughter Millie to Jamie with Kim’s millions and her scheming backing him up.

Emmerdale fans are convinced Nick is working for Kim (Credit: ITV)

And after meeting a new client Andrea ended up ranting about her ex to him while planning his sister’s wedding.

But the way he led her into talking about his own warring family and drew the story out of her intrigued fans.

“My soon to be ex husband and his mother are determined to make my life hell,” she said and he told her all about his.

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“I went through a custody battle myself recently and I’ve still got all my scars,” he explained before adding that his ex moved far away and stopped him from seeing his daughter.

The man, Nick, then offered to help her deal with scheming Kim so she didn’t befall the same fate.

Even when Andrea tried to steer him back to the wedding he was allegedly planning, he kept drawing her back to Kim and getting her to talk more and more about her.

Kim is determined to destroy Andrea (Credit: ITV)

She told him: “Kim is not someone you can ignore. When she found out her husband was going to run off with another woman she hired someone to kill him. I think she thinks that me knowing what she’s capable of I’ll be too scared to see this through to the end.”

And when Andrea said she had no way to prove it, Nick suggested he film Kim confessing by claiming his wife planted a hidden camera in their house.

He told her to call Kim round and pick a row with her to get her to confess to everything, but his behaviour was too suspicious for fans who are convinced he’s working for Kim.

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One said: “@emmerdale Nah. Andrea obvs getting set up by Kim.”

A second said: “What’s the bets Kim knows this guy to get to Andrea. #emmerdale.”

A third said: “Has Kim hired this dude to get information from Andrea? @emmerdale.”

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