Emmerdale fans spot big problem in Charity versus DI Bails’ court case

Viewers have been left concerned by massive problem...

It’s been a rollercoaster week so far for Emmerdale favourite Charity Dingle, as she faces rapist DI Mark Bails in court.

The corrupt cop has told lie after lie during the trial, with Charity convinced he’s going to get away with it – again.

However, ITV viewers have been left baffled by one ‘flaw’ in the storyline…

Will good triumph over evil? (Credit: ITV)

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In last night’s episode (Tuesday 11 September), poor Charity was forced to relive some of her most horrific memories about her time as Mark’s victim – as he sneered at her from across the court room.

An intimidated Charity explained how Bails had “made her feel special” and even taken her on dates as he manipulated her into believing he was protecting her.

Whereas, in fact, he was grooming her to be his play thing. The emotional and physical abuse led to him raping her and bringing in other men to do the same.

Will Charity ever get the closure she needs? (Credit: ITV)

In his defence, Bails insisted their feelings were mutual and that Charity consented to having relations with him.

But this led to fans of the soap questioning how this could be allowed.

Even consensually, Bails would have been breaking the law as Charity was only 14.

In legal terms, this meant Charity was raped as she was underage.

One fan wrote: “It’s seriously stressing me out now, he’s sitting there talking about how he had sex with a minor! A MINOR!”

Another agreed, typing: “Why is no one actually pointing out she was 14…. regardless if she consented or not. A copper and a 14 year old !!!”

A third blasted: “He admitted he had sex with a kid, he’s confessed, lock him up!”

But will Bails go down for the crime?

As Charity broke down at home after the ordeal, fans praised actress Emma Atkins for her portrayal of Charity during the heart-wrenching hour-long special.

“This is excruciating to watch. The matter of fact explanation coupled with the pain behind the words is just… Emma Atkins is a marvel,” one fan commented on Twitter.

Another added: “Emma Atkins has been incredible throughout this storyline. She so deserves the praise and recognition she is now getting.”

Other fans called her “outstanding” and “fantastic”.

Whether Bails is convicted or not, Emma has hinted that the ordeal isn’t anywhere near over yet for Charity

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