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Wednesday 27th May 2020

Emmerdale fans confused about apparent 'errors' with Jamie Tate's age and relationship

Don't worry, we can clear it all up!

Fans of Emmerdale have been left confused about Jamie Tate's age and relationship.

In last night's episode (May 3 2019), Jamie's wife Andrea showed up with his young daughter Millie.

Andrea and Millie arrived in Emmerdale in last night's episode (Credit: ITV hub)

In a Digital Spy forum started last week called 'Jamie Tate's secret (spoilers)' a user put: "So Jamie's wife and daughter turn up next week! I'm surprised as I didn't think Jamie was old enough to have a child who looks about five. How old is he?

"I suppose it does make sense - it's double the amount of people Kim can talk to."

Jamie has a wife and daughter (Credit: ITV)

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Jamie and Andrea met at university in Liverpool and by this point they've been married around five years, I'd say.

A user added a link to the list of births, marriages and deaths in Emmerdale and wrote: "Jamie is currently 22. He was born on 24th of September 1996."

Another user then wrote: "So by the look of it, they've aged Jamie up then. The character was born on-screen in September 1996 so should only be 22 right now.

Fans are unsure of Jamie's age (Credit: ITV hub)

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"The Digital Spy article says he met his wife at university but if Jamie is only 22 and his daughter is five that means she was born when he was 17 before he would have even started uni.

"Also from the spoiler pictures of his wife she looks about 40-ish. So I'm not sure how old we're meant to think Jamie is."

According to a fan wiki page, Jamie was born in September 1996 (Credit: ITV)

According to Emmerdale fan Wiki, Jamie Tate was born on September 24th 1996.

In an interview, Alexander Lincoln said: "Jamie and Andrea met at university in Liverpool and by this point they've been married around five years, I'd say."

When asked how old Jamie and Andrea's daughter Millie is, Alexander said "Millie is five.

"I'm a bit fuzzy on the details of how it all happened to begin with, but I know it happened quite quick into their relationship, obviously because she is five and we've been together about five years."

ED! have contacted an Emmerdale rep for comment who have said "they've been together about 5 years but not married that long".

So, there you go, mystery solved. Sort of! Just a bit of confusion with the marriage!

Emmerdale airs Monday to Friday at 7pm with an extra episode on Thursday at 8pm

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