Lachlan White captured

Emmerdale fans call out “nonsense” mistakes in Lachlan plot

They also ridiculed police for a number of errors...

While Lachlan White continues to play his twisted mind games from behind prison bars, Emmerdale fans have been busy navigating what they see as major plotholes.

Not only have they noticed three HUGE flaws in Belle Dingle’s shocking arrest twist, but they’ve also called out the village police force for a catalogue of mistakes, too.

Hell hath no fury like a soap fan…

Lachlan was allowed out of jail to ‘help’ police with their inquiries (Credit: ITV)

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During last night’s episode (Thursday 13 September), Belle went to see the serial killer in prison, pretending that she would stand by him in the hope he would reveal Rebecca’s whereabouts.

The police agreed to let Lachlan into the woods in the search for his auntie, and Belle asked the detectives to uncuff Lachlan and allow her to walk alongside him.

Errrr, HELLO, this is a murderer we’re dealing with here!

Lachlan and Belle in the woods
Unsurprisingly, things didn’t end well… (Credit: ITV)

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When they agreed, Lachlan attacked one of the cops in a bid to make an escape.

He shouted at Belle to grab the car keys, so they could do as they had planned.

At this, Belle was confused – but all became clear later, after his escape attempt was foiled and Lachlan declared that Belle had been his willing accomplice and had helped him kill Chrissie, Lawrence and Gerry.


Belle Dingle visits Lachlan in jail
Belle Dingle visited Lachlan White in jail (Credit: ITV)

As police seemed to be taking Lachlan’s claims seriously, fans were enraged with scriptwriters for a number of mistakes…

Firstly, they cried, why on earth was Lachlan allowed out of jail in the first place?

And, secondly, why were his hands cuffed infront of him and not behind as is usual practice, and why wasn’t he cuffed to an officer?

Viewers believed this allowed the menace to escape, albeit temporarily…

One fan criticised: “Why aren’t the murderer Lachlan’s hands handcuffed BEHIND his back? Stop treating us like twerps.”

Another agreed, typing: “Why is #Lachlan not handcuffed to the police? pure nonsense.”

A third wrote: “Lachlan should be handcuff to a officer but I’m glad he didn’t get away. I think belle should stay away from him now.”

Others pointed out some pretty convincing reasons as to why Belle could never have been Lachlan’s accomplice.

Belle Dingle
Will Belle Dingle convince police she’s innocent? (Credit: ITV)

After Lachlan dropped the Belle bombshell on the police, she later found herself under interrogation, with the finger of blame being pointed in her direction.

But viewers complained that Belle couldn’t have had anything to do with the deaths of Chrissie and Lawrence White as she was not in the car.

And how would she have known that Lachlan would survive?

One fan questioned: “So if they were both in on the crash so they could be together, how EXACTLY did they PRE-PLAN the part where Lachlan survived?? Maybe I should join this police force.”

Another blasted: “How she supposed to have caused the car crash which killed his mother and grandad, plus she wasn’t in the area when all the other stuff happened. Dimwit Police!”

Meanwhile, other fans remarked that Belle wouldn’t have been running away from Lachlan and hit by a car if they were in on it together…

And, perhaps most importantly, Robert can disprove all of Lachlan’s claims as he was there.

One fan tweeted: “Surely Robert can just say belle didn’t know anything as he was there when she found out?”

Another angry viewers wrote: “If they believe that they are absolutely stupid! Robert was there when Lachlan confessed! He can tell them that Belle had no idea.”

Will police believe Lachlan or will his claims be rubbished?

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