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Monday 13th July 2020

Emmerdale fans call out 'hilarious error' as Doug 'casually smokes weed in public'

Viewers renamed him Snoop Doug!

Doug 'Pot' Potts got high as a kite after smoking weed last night - and, in-between laughing hard, Emmerdale fans pointed out what they claimed to be an obvious 'blunder'.

On Wednesday (August 28), pensioner Doug tried smoking cannabis to ease his back pain, and promptly got the notorious munchies afterwards.

Doug narrowly avoided being caught smoking cannabis (Credit: ITV)

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Doug was enjoying a spliff behind the community centre when Dawn Taylor suddenly appeared.

Worried about being caught red-handed, he quickly stubbed out his joint and threw the incriminating evidence away, before telling Dawn he was "just having a moment to myself".

But fans were quick to point out a rather obvious tell-tale sign that scriptwriters appeared to have missed - the smell!

Dawn almost caught Doug in the act (Credit: ITV)

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And wasn't Dawn a drug addict who would surely be acquainted with the pungent aroma?

Despite smoking in a public place, and then wandering the village glassy-eyed and in need of savoury snacks, no one noticed Doug was behaving oddly.

So no one can spot Doug being high, smelling of weed and [getting] the munchies?

A fact some viewers found hard to believe.

Harriet was horrified to find Doug's discarded spliff (Credit: ITV)

One tweeted: "So no one can spot Doug being high, smelling of weed and [getting] the munchies? #Emmerdale."

Another said: "As someone who has lived around drugs, you'd have thought Dawn could have smelt that spliff."

A third added: "Work it out Charity! A woman of the world?? Doug's munching like funk lol lol #Emmerdale."

One bemused viewer claimed it was their favourite Doug storyline ever, but others weren't so happy, begging scriptwriters to kill Doug off.

Harriet Finch later found the joint and became concerned she could lose her license if the news spread, and Charity Dingle was quick to blame Dawn.

Viewers know that amateur gardener Doug has a constant supply of cannabis after recently discovering Gerry's homegrown plant.

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