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Saturday 11th July 2020

Emmerdale fans call for Monty the dog to win awards after reaction to Zak and Faith's kiss

He wasn't impressed

Fans of Emmerdale have called for Monty the dog to win awards after his reaction to Zak and Faith Dingle kissing.

With the family - and viewers - still mourning Lisa, Monty wasn't the only one who wasn't impressed by the move.

Lisa tragically lost her fight against a terminal heart condition back in May on her wedding day to Zak.

Zak was left devastated when Lisa died earlier this year (Credit: ITV)

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Faith has recently moved in with the Dingles and has been trying to get Zak smiling again after his loss.

As the pair reminisced about old times, Zak finally found his mood lifting.

Faith tries to put a smile back on Zak's face (Credit: ITV)

Can Monty the dog be up for best actor at the next awards show?

But as soon as the pair shared a laugh, he was hit by guilt about feeling happy without Lisa and stormed out, leaving Faith confused by his sudden change of heart.

Eventually Faith managed to persuade Zak to come back and talk about their shared history once again.

But as their chat continued, the pair end up sharing a shock kiss...

The pair shared a secret kiss... but what about Lisa? (Credit: ITV)

They sprung apart as Sam, Lydia and Samson entered, non-the-wiser, but one family member did see everything: Monty the dog!

And it's fair to say he was not impressed.

The fact that the kiss was in the exact same spot on the sofa where Lisa died aside, Zak seems to have moved on pretty quickly.

Monty wasn't happy (Credit: ITV)

Fans couldn't get over Monty's performance, swearing he was giving Zak and Faith a dirty look!

It's not the first time Monty's acting has won praise.

He impressed viewers when Lisa died with many saying they were in tears when they saw his face!

As Zak and Faith try to deal with the fallout of what happened between them, Zak is determined to come clean to ease his conscience.

Tonight (Thursday August 15) the pair agree to meet one another in the cellar at The Woolpack, away from prying eyes.

But as they chat, they are interrupted by Bear Wolf, and it's not long before he finds them together looking seriously suspicious.

As Bear confronts them about their sneaking around in a pub cellar, it seems he is on to them... so Faith pulls out all the stops in a bid to keep their secret safe and reveals how Bear is illiterate.

Bear catches Faith and Zak talking about their forbidden kiss (Credit: ITV)

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Bear is mortified that she has exposed his deepest secret, but will it be enough to draw attention away from Zak and Faith?

Emmerdale airs weeknights at 7pm on ITV, with an extra episode at 8pm on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

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