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Emmerdale fans brand David and Victoria the ‘Poundland Beckhams’

Emmerdale couple David and Victoria share the same name as the famous couple David and Victoria Beckham

Emmerdale fans have branded David Metcalfe and Victoria Sugden the ‘Poundland Beckhams.’

David and Victoria got together last year and this week he got down on one knee and proposed.

However it was clear Victoria wasn’t ready for them to get engaged.

Now fans have branded them the ‘Poundland Beckhams’

Victoria and David returned last week (Credit: ITV)
David and Victoria began dating last year (Credit: ITV)

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Emmerdale: David and Victoria branded the ‘Poundland Beckhams’ by fans

This week it became clear David was upset he wasn’t getting to spend much time with Victoria and when they did have time, they mainly stayed home watching TV.

However Victoria was happy how they were.

But David took her encouraging words as a sign it was time to move on to the next step of their relationship.

David told his dad Eric about his plans to propose to Vic. However he tried to persuade David not to rush things.

Fans noticed Emmerdale couple David and Victoria have the same name as David and Victoria and Beckham (Credit: SplashNews.com)

David didn’t listen to his dad and went ahead with his big romantic surprise for Vic.

He met Victoria in the woods and got down on one knee and popped the question.

However fans were quick to brand David and Victoria, who share the same names as celebrity couple David and Victoria Beckham, the ‘Poundland Beckhams.’



Emmerdale: Victoria rejects David’s proposal

Victoria wasn’t impressed with David’s proposal, saying it was all too much.

She felt he chose to ignore their conversation about being happy as they were.

David told her to forget the engagement and go back to how they were, but she wanted space from him.

David Metcalfe gets down on one knee and proposes to Victoria Sugden
David proposed to Vic (Credit: ITV)

Victoria went to see her friend Amy and she encouraged her to speak to David properly.

Victoria went to see David in the shop and apologised for her bad reaction.

David felt he ruined things and didn’t want Victoria to go ahead with something she was unsure of.

He told her to have a long hard think about what she does want and let him know when she’s decided.

Could this be the end for David and Vic?

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