Emmerdale fans brand Charity ‘vile’ as she finds out about Irene’s death

Ryan wasn't happy with his mother

Emmerdale fans have branded Charity ‘vile’ after she found out about Irene‘s death.

Earlier this week, Ryan got the devastating news that his adoptive mother, Irene, has died.

Unable to get hold of his biological mum Charity, he confided in Charity’s boyfriend, Mack, who was there to support him.

Mack took Ryan to go see his adoptive brother, Josh.

In last night’s episode (Tuesday, January 26) Charity was furious with Mack and Ryan for not answering her calls.

Emmerdale Vanessa and Charity have a great time on the playdate Mon 24 Jan
Charity didn’t answer her phone as she was with Vanessa (Credit: ITV)

Angry, Mack told her that Irene had died and Charity was upset to hear of her passing.

Charity went to be with her son but when she found out Irene had died the day before and no one told her, she was upset that Mack and Ryan didn’t tell her.

She offered for Ryan to stay with her but she was clearly angry Mack found out first.

Emmerdale fans brand Charity ‘vile’ as she finds out about Irene’s death

Later she had a go at Mack for not telling her and he said he tried to convince Ryan to tell her about Irene.

Charity accused him of hiding the truth as she had been spending time with her ex-girlfriend, Vanessa.

Charity is really vile and nasty.

She then accused Mack of trying to drive a wedge between her and Ryan.

Emmerdale Tue 25 Jan Mack blurts out Irene has died to Charity
Ryan wasn’t happy with Charity, but can he forgive her? (Credit; ITV)

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Later Charity arrived at Ryan’s and immediately accused Mack of being jealous again.

However Ryan grew fed up of Charity and defended Mackenzie. He then told her to go home.

Fans were also unimpressed with Charity branding her ‘vile’ for only thinking of herself and not her grieving son.

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