Emmerdale fans beg ‘heartbreaking’ Archie storyline to end as he runs away

They say they 'hate' Arthur

Viewers of Emmerdale were heartbroken last night, as Arthur Thomas’ nasty behaviour towards Archie Sharma got even worse.

On Tuesday (December 10), schoolboy Arthur terrified poor Archie so much that he ran away into the woods scared and alone.

Archie slapped Angelica after she and Arthur made fun of him (Credit: ITV)

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Viewers know that Arthur has been hurting and tormenting Archie for weeks, having been jealous of him ever since he arrived in the Dales.

Archie’s dad Jai even wrongly accused Jimmy King of child abuse after finding bruises on Archie’s arm.

Can’t wait for Arthur to be found out. This is sickening.

This week, poor Archie couldn’t take it any more and he slapped Jimmy’s daughter Angelica after she and Arthur made fun of him.

Jimmy King yanked Archie away after he slapped Angelica, angering Jai (Credit: ITV)

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In distressing scenes, Arthur told Archie that no one wanted him in the village.

When Archie told him his dad did, Arthur replied: “He’s lying. He only brought you here because he doesn’t know what else to do with you. He knows we all hate you. Even he hates you. Everyone hates you, Archie.”

As Angelica giggled at the abuse, Archie shouted: “Stop it, stop it.”

In turmoil, the poor boy – who only recently lost his mum – lashed out and slapped Angelica across the face.

Poor Archie has been the victim of horrible bullying (Credit: ITV)

Jimmy immediately pulled Archie away but Archie’s father Jai angrily confronted Jimmy, telling him that things between them were far from over.

In later scenes, Archie was too afraid to tell his dad what had really happened.

However, with Arthur concerned that Archie might finally reveal the truth, he told Archie that everyone would be better off without him.

He said: “We’d all be much happier if you just leave. What about the woods? You could just hide in there and no one would find you. We’d be miles better off if you just left.”

The episode ended with a heartbreaking scene showing Archie running away from home in the dark night with nothing but a rucksack on his back.

Viewers at home were devastated, with one tweeting: “Hoping the Arthur and Archie storyline comes to and end soon @Emmerdale. Heartbreaking to watch.”

Another seethed: “I hate Arthur so much right now. See the trouble jealousy causes? @Emmerdale.”

A third added: “Can’t watch this @Emmerdale storyline…”

“Oh Archie, I can’t cope with this, off to the woods. Fantastic little actor bless him,” said one more, while another added: “Awwww poor wee Archie. This is horrible to watch, but well done to the kids acting it out. It must be quite tough for them.”

“Can’t wait for Arthur to be found out. This is sickening,” lamented another.

Later this week, Jai is alarmed to discover that Archie is not in his bedroom and a frantic search begins – and the police call Jimmy in for questioning.

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