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Emmerdale fans beg for Vanessa and Charity to get back together as Vanessa returns

Vanessa is back

Emmerdale fans have begged for Vanessa and Charity to get back together as Vanessa returned to the village after more than a year away.

Last year Vanessa, who was going through chemotherapy, left the village to look after her unwell mother.

She planned to return to the village after she had been given the all-clear on her cancer. But Vanessa discovered Charity cheated on her with Mackenzie and decided to stay away.

Emmerdale Wed 5 Jan Vanessa tells Charity that she stopped Nate seeing Tracy and Frankie and Tracy overhears
Vanessa is back (Credit: ITV)

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However Charity was shocked to see Vanessa back in Emmerdale in last night’s episode (Wednesday, December 29).

Vanessa was shocked to see Charity confessing her love to Mack, but fans are already saying they want Vanessa and Charity back together.

What brings Vanessa back to Emmerdale?

Vanessa returned to Emmerdale to see her sister Tracy and her niece Frankie.

Hope Charity and Vanessa get back together.

She revealed she would only be returning for a few days. However next week she announces she is coming back for good.

In next week’s scenes Charity is thrown when Vanessa announces she’s staying in the village for good.

Charity and Vanessa argue over Charity’s request to spend time with Vanessa’s son, Johnny, who Charity adopted.

Emmerdale Mon 3 Jan Vanessa announces she's staying in the village for good, throwing Charity
Vanessa announces she’s staying in the village for good (Credit: ITV)

Will Vanessa let Charity see Johnny?

Meanwhile Cain is angry when Nate reveals Tracy kicked him out for cheating and refuses to let him stay with him.

As Cain’s rage comes close to boiling over, distraught Nate returns to Tug Ghyll in an attempt to pick up his stuff and see his daughter but Vanessa turns him away.

Emmerdale Tue 4 Jan Tracy is hurt Nate hasn't tried to see the baby
Tracy is hurt (Credit: ITV)

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The next day Tracy is hurt that Nate hasn’t tried to see Frankie. Vanessa comforts her, uneasily hiding Nate’s attempted visit the day before.

However Vanessa is busted when a mortified Tracy overhears her telling Charity she stopped Nate from seeing Tracy. How will Tracy react?

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