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Emmerdale fans baffled as Wendy continues to work as a nurse

Wendy made a confession to Victoria last year

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Emmerdale fans have been left baffled as Wendy Posner continues to work as a nurse, even though she’s previously admitted she’s not actually qualified.

Wendy ran into Faith in the hospital in last night’s episode (Thursday, May 26).

But fans were shocked to see Wendy working there.

Wendy confessed she is not a qualified nurse to Victoria (Credit: ITV)

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Emmerdale: Wendy’s big secret

Last year Wendy’s ex-husband Russ showed up in the village after his mother died.

Russ’ mum left £50,000 to her great-grandson, Harry Sugden, instead of her son.

Furious with her decision, Russ wanted to get the money back and asked Wendy to help him, or he’d reveal her secret.

He tried to make friends with Victoria, making out he wanted to have a relationship with his grandson Harry.

Russ tried to blackmail Wendy (Credit: ITV)

However Wendy felt bad knowing he was only after Harry’s money.

Eventually Russ held Victoria, Wendy and David hostage in The Hide, wanting the money.

Wendy was forced to admit to Victoria that she is not a qualified nurse.

Now fans are left questioning how she is still able to practise as a nurse if she isn’t qualified.


Faith confesses the truth to Wendy

After running into Wendy, Faith lied about why she was at the hospital.

Wendy gave Faith a lift home and took her to Moira.

Wendy urged Faith that she should talk to someone about her health and Faith confessed to Wendy that her cancer is back, but asked her to keep it a secret.

The nurse said she wanted to help where she could and Moira asked Wendy if she could convince Faith to tell her family about her diagnosis.

Wendy and Faith in hospital in Emmerdale
Wendy now knows about Faith’s diagnosis (Credit: ITV)

Moira tried to make Faith see that her and Wendy keeping her cancer a secret put them in a difficult position.

But Faith was adamant she wanted to keep it quiet and asked Wendy if she could stick to giving her lifts to the hospital.

Will the truth come out?

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