Emmerdale fans baffled as Harriet drags Malone’s body around the village in broad daylight

Dawn shot Malone!

Emmerdale fans were left baffled as Harriet dragged DI Malone’s dead body around the village in broad day during last night’s episode (Wednesday, August 19).

In Monday’s instalment (August 17), dodgy detective Malone tried to tempt Dawn into taking her own life by overdosing on heroin. Dawn had reported Malone to the police, telling them about his crimes and how he had been harassing her family for months.

However as it looked like Dawn was in trouble, Harriet came to her rescue, knocking Malone unconscious.

But in last night’s visit to the Dales, the two women were in shock thinking Harriet had killed the senior police officer.

Dawn Malone Emmerdale
Dawn shot Malone (Credit: ITV)

As they tried to process what had happened, Malone proved to be alive jumping up and attempting to attack the women.

However he didn’t get very far as Dawn reached for his gun and ended up shooting him.

After, Dawn wanted to go to the police, but Harriet was convinced they police wouldn’t believe them.

She began to clear up her living room and told Dawn they needed to move the body before Will and Billy got back.

Harriet dragged Malone’s body out of the house and into her car boot (Credit: ITV)

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The vicar decided they needed to move the body to the boot of her car.

In the scenes, Harriet desperately dragged Malone’s lifeless body out of the house during broad daylight. Although it seemed to be quiet around the village, anyone could’ve walked by, leaving fans baffled.

Emmerdale: What happened next with Harriet, Dawn and Malone’s body?

Harriet managed to get Malone’s body into the boot of her car just before her fiancé Will returned.

Harriet is an ex copper and is moving a body in broad daylight.

Emmerdale Dawn Malone
Will they be able to get rid of Malone’s body? (Credit: ITV)

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Harriet told Dawn they couldn’t do anything whilst it was still light out, but they planned to drive somewhere to bury the body at night.

However Will came back and they were unable to dispose of the corpse. Will they be able to bury Malone’s body before anyone realises he’s missing? Or will the truth come out?

Emmerdale airs Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 7pm on ITV.

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