Liv arrested Emmerdale

Emmerdale fans are all saying the same thing as Liv is arrested

Liv is being charged for a crime she didn't commit

Emmerdale fans have all been saying the same thing as Liv Flaherty was arrested in last night’s episodes (Thursday, December 2).

Last week, Ben was murdered by Meena Jutla, however it seems like Liv is going to get the blame.

Liv and Ben got into an argument a few hours before his death and shortly before Meena killed him, Ben found Liv drunk in the HOP.

The two got into another argument and Ben recorded Liv being aggressive towards him. Drunk, Liv took Ben’s phone and left.

Ben was murdered by Meena, but now Liv is being charged for the crime (Credit: ITV)

Soon Meena killed Ben as he found footage of her trying to drown Victoria.

Meanwhile outside the HOP, Lydia found Liv being sick and tried to help, but Liv told her to leave her alone.

Ben’s body was found the next day and soon Lydia found Ben’s phone in Liv’s washing.

Liv and Lydia found the video and Liv told Aaron about it. Although they agreed to keep quiet about the video, Lydia contacted the police about the video.

A total of three cars showed up to arrest Liv (Credit: ITV)

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In last night’s scenes, the detectives turned up in the village along with two other police cars to arrest Liv on suspicion of Ben’s murder.

However viewers were questioning why they needed so many officers to arrest one person.

Emmerdale: Liv charged with murder

Liv was taken in by police and news spread in the village that Liv was arrested for Ben’s murder.

She told police that she had no memory of what happened the night Ben died.

They told her they found her DNA on Ben and with the video, it wasn’t looking good for Liv.

She later rang Aaron to tell him she had been charged with Ben’s murder, but begged him to believe she didn’t do it.

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