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Emmerdale fans accuse soap of ‘repeating the same scene over and over again’

Groundhog day?

Fans of Emmerdale had a serious case of déjà vu last night, and accused the soap of ‘repeating the same conversation over and over again’.

On Tuesday (July 2), Robert and sister Victoria had another fraught chat about her pregnancy, the result of her traumatic rape several months ago.

Victoria and Robert
‘Here we go again’ said some viewers (Credit: ITV)

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But those watching the ITV soap at home slammed the scriptwriters for ‘replaying the same scene’.

An already traumatised Victoria was horrified when Wendy, the mother of rapist Lee, found out about Victoria’s pregnancy.

Having already accused Victoria of lying about the assault, Lee and Wendy returned to the village again to confront Victoria about the posters which cost Lee his job.

Lee and Wendy confront Victoria
Wendy believes her son is innocent of raping Victoria (Credit: ITV)

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Viewers know that it was in fact Robert who put posters up linking Lee to rape.

After a horrible exchange, Victoria called Robert, who rushed to protect his sister and warn Lee to stay away… But during a scuffle, Victoria stumbled and it was accidentally revealed that she’s pregnant.

To get rid of them, Victoria was forced to lie and said that she wasn’t keeping the baby.

Once Lee and Wendy had gone, viewers saw an uncomfortable conversation between Robert and his sister as he told her she’d made the ‘right decision to terminate the pregnancy’.

Victoria shocked to see Wendy and lee
Victoria was shocked and horrified to see Wendy and Lee in the village again (Credit: ITV)

However, when she revealed her intentions to keep the baby, Robert turned angry.

He said: “Please don’t do this. I can’t handle watching you throw your life away like this.”

“Nobody’s asking you to,” she shot back. “I don’t need your blessing or anybody else’s. If you can’t stand by my decision, then stay away. It’ll just be better for everyone like that.”

But fans claimed they were ‘bored’ of seeing the siblings have the same talk repeatedly.



One fan dripped with sarcasm when they wrote: “This writing is award-winning. The same scene repeated 10 times in the space of a few weeks. Love that!”

Another said: “I feel like Robert and Vic have this conversation at least once a week.”

A third agreed, typing: “Are we going to see this happen again next week for continuity?”

“This again?” signed another, while one more moaned: “Robert puts his foot in it, Victoria yells at him, Robert apologises, hug… aaaaaaaaaand repeat…”

Later this week, viewers will see Lee’s mum Wendy return again to drop a huge bombshell.

She tells Victoria that Lee might even go for custody of the baby himself…

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