Emmerdale: Fan theory suggests Paul is working with Jamie to set up Belle

Paul has a gambling addiction

Emmerdale fans have suggested that Paul is working with Jamie Tate to set up Belle.

A couple of weeks ago, the police questioned Belle and revealed a new witness had come forward saying they saw her run over Moira.

However viewers know that it was Jamie who is responsible for the hit and run.

A new witness came forward saying they saw Belle run Moira over (Credit: ITV)

The Dingles figured out Jamie most-likely hired someone to lie about witnessing the crime.

Meanwhile  after hearing about Belle’s struggles with mental health, Nate decided he would take the blame to save his aunt from going to prison.

However viewers think they’ve figured out who Jamie hired to be a witness to the hit and run – Vinny’s dad Paul.

Emmerdale: Paul and Belle

Paul is Vinny’s dad and the boyfriend of Mandy Dingle, who is Belle’s cousin.

Last week he stole Ellis Chapman’s watch and money from the Dingles in order to use for gambling.

Viewers think Jamie hired Paul to say he saw Belle hit Moira (Credit: ITV)

Could Jamie have paid him to act as a witness?

Emmerdale: Sam and Cain go for revenge on Jamie

Next week, Lydia tells Sam about a confrontation she had with Jamie and he’s furious, assuring her Jamie will get what’s coming to him.

Soon Sam and Cain are forming a revenge plan.

Later at Home Farm, Jamie is pouring himself a drink when he hears ominous noises.

He braces himself to search the house. But as he creeps to the staircase, he’s distracted by a noise in the kitchen.

Cain and Sam turn up for a ‘chat’ (Credit: ITV)

He doesn’t see Moira’s brother Mackenzie hiding in the shadows holding a crowbar.

As Jamie wallows in his drink, Cain and Sam turn up for a ‘chat’, all unaware that Mackenzie is watching and listening in to the conversation.

Cain reveals their plan to a drunk Jamie and Mackenzie listens, his interests piqued.

He soon steps out of the shadows. Has Jamie found a new alliance?

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