Emmerdale star Emile John as character Ethan Anderson

Emmerdale: Who is Ethan Anderson star Emile John? Does he have a wife?

He's played a huge part on the ITV soap in recent weeks

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Emmerdale star Emile John, who plays Ethan Anderson in the ITV soap, is currently at the centre of a major storyline.

Fans of the much-loved soap watched in horror last night (May 19), as Ethan was taken to hospital after being attacked by racist thug Jordan.

But who is the actor behind Ethan? And does Emile have a wife in real life? Here’s everything you need to know.

Emmerdale star Emile John as character Ethan Anderson
Emile John plays Ethan Anderson in Emmerdale (Credit: ITV)

Who is Ethan star Emile John? How old is the Emmerdale actor?

Emile is a British actor best known for the role of Ethan in Emmerdale.

The 25-year-old star was born on April 21, 1997.

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Ethan attended The BRIT School between 2011-2015, where he specialised in BTEC musical theatre.

The soap star then went on to study BA acting at the Rose Bruford College between 2017-2020.

Ethan Anderson wearing yellow rubber gloves in Emmerdale
Emile joined the Emmerdale cast in January 2021 (Credit: ITV)

What has Emile John appeared in before Emmerdale?

Before joining the cast of Emmerdale, Ethan appeared in various theatre productions.

According to his CV, the star took part in a number of shows at the Rose Bruford College.

These included Twelfth Night, Market Boy and The Seagull.

Meanwhile, Emile also has a passion for music.

The actor revealed his special hidden talent during an appearance on ITV’s Lorraine this week.

Speaking to host Lorraine Kelly, Emile shared: “Music I think, well definitely was my first love.”

He added: “I have become better at balancing my schedule, understanding when I need to learn lines and when I can take time for myself.

“I’ve spoken to my good friend who runs my music thing, we’re getting the catalogue going. It’s coming soon.”

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Does Emile John have a wife?

Emile has remained fairly private about his current relationship status.

The star is yet to post anything about his love life on social media.

In fact, most of his Instagram posts are photos of himself!

Emile does play a gay character in Emmerdale.

Ethan is currently dating Marcus Dean, who is the long lost son of Pierce Harris.

Ethan has had the worst luck when it comes to guys!

Speaking about his character’s relationship, Emile told Digital Spy: “They’ve got a nice thing going on. Ethan’s dad Charles is obviously quite unpredictable but it’s all coming from a good place. Charles really likes Marcus.

“You can see there’s genuine affection there between Ethan and Marcus and they do really care for one another.

“Ethan up until now has had the worst luck when it comes to guys!”

He added: “It’s lovely to see that he has started to build a true connection with someone, at long last. They both like each other on an equal level.”

Ethan Anderson and Marcus Dean in Emmerdale
Ethan and Marcus are in a relationship on Emmerdale (Credit: ITV)

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Who does he play in Emmerdale?

Emile first appeared as Ethan in January 2021.

He joined the Emmerdale cast alongside Kevin Mathurin, who portrays his dad Charles.

At the time, Emile said: “Being given the opportunity to play Ethan is an absolute dream come true.

“I feel a tremendous sense of responsibility in articulating his struggle with truth and authenticity and I can only hope that the audience fully engage with him in the same way I have.”

Will Ethan survive on Emmerdale?

During last night’s episode (May 19) Ethan made the decision to pull out of Jordan’s case after discovering he tried to intimidate Billy, who Jordan beat up last month.

Jordan was furious learning this and attacked Ethan.

When Billy found out Ethan was late home from work, he grew concerned and went looking for him.

He found Jordan beating Ethan and soon the police came along and arrested Jordan.

Viewers last saw Ethan being taken by paramedics.

But will he manage to pull through?

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