Emmerdale: Emma Atkins reveals ‘Charity’s world is set to unravel’ after cheating on Vanessa

Charity cheated on Vanessa

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Emmerdale actress Emma Atkins, has revealed Charity’s world is set to unravel, as she cheated on Vanessa with Moira’s brother Mackenzie.

In tonight’s double bill of Emmerdale (Thursday, October 29) Charity was convinced Vanessa had been cheating on her.

After getting into a collision with Mackenzie, the two were left arguing over who caused the accident.

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Mackenzie and Charity kissed (Credit: ITV)

But things quickly heated up between the barmaid and Mackenzie and they ended up sharing a kiss.

Charity is in total limbo land.

After their moment, Charity heard a noise coming from the boot of the stranger’s car, but he convinced her to leave it.

Later, she learnt that the reason Vanessa, who has bowel cancer, had been avoiding her was because she had an appointment with the hospital.

However it was good news as the vet revealed her final scan came back all clear.

emmerdale mackenzie and charity kiss
Mackenzie is Moira’s brother (Credit: ITV)

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Although Charity was thrilled, she was shocked when Mackenzie turned up at the Woolpack and revealed that he is Moira’s brother.

Emmerdale: Charity’s world ‘is set to unravel’

When asked how Charity feels about the news of Vanessa and finding out who Mackenzie is, Emma said: “Charity is in total limbo land.

“She is now carrying this shameful, rather pathetic secret, that was born out of Charity’s ability to press the self destruct button all to quickly, before finding out the truth.

Will Charity tell Vanessa the truth (Credit: ITV)

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“The sudden news that all is going to be okay with Vanessa’s health is too much for her to take.

“It’s mixed feelings of heaven and hell: Feeling elated and devastated at the same time. And then the underlying deceit of ‘what now? Do I keep this a secret.’ Charity’s world is set to unravel.”

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