Emmerdale: Does Gabby Thomas lose the baby?

Gabby fell to the floor

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Emmerdale fans are disgusted with Jamie Tate as he watched pregnant Gabby collapse in pain, but does Gabby lose the baby?

In last night’s episode (Monday, March 8) Gabby overheard Dawn confess her feelings for Jamie, who is the father of Gabby’s unborn child.

Gabby collapsed in pain (Credit: ITV)

Soon the teenager started to piece together that Jamie had been pretending to care about her and be nice so he could convince her to have a termination.

Furious, she threatened to go to Jamie’s mum Kim. Later, Jamie came into the kitchen to see if she had called Kim, but it was clear something wasn’t right.

Jamie watched as Gabby cried on the floor (Credit: ITV)

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Gabby turned around and it was obvious she was in pain. She soon collapsed to the ground whilst Jamie just stood by.

But viewers were disgusted with Jamie as he just watched as she doubled over in pain, not appearing to do anything to help her.

Emmerdale: Does Gabby lose the baby?

It seem Gabby and her baby are okay as next week, Jamie is concerned for her as she struggles with intense morning sickness.

He feels guilty over his previous behaviour to persuade her towards a termination.

What’s next for Jamie and Dawn?

Later this week Dawn is shocked when Kim tells her that Jamie has been pretending to be Gabby’s boyfriend in an effort to convince her to have an abortion.

Disgusted, she rages at Jamie. She leaves to clear her head but soon agrees to give Jamie one last chance as long as he stays honest. They soon admit they love each other.

Unseen, Kim glowers in the background, her plan to break Jamie and Dawn apart thwarted.

The next day, Dawn agrees to go on a date with Jamie, and he leaves with a spring in his step.

Kim spikes Dawn’s drink (Credit: ITV)

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At the pub, aware Dawn has a meeting with a social worker, Kim creates a distraction, allowing her to spike Dawn’s drink.

Will this blow her chances to get Lucas back?

Later, Jamie threatens to move out of Home Farm but Kim calls his bluff. She points out he would have nothing without her and tells him to step up or step aside.

Jamie quietly assents, but will he live under Kim’s rules forever?

Emmerdale airs weeknights at 7pm on ITV, with an extra episode at 8pm on Thursdays.

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