Emmerdale: Do the Dingle family need sizing down?

The family have been on the show for 25 years

The Dingle family have been part of Emmerdale since 1994 and are one of the most famous (and biggest) families in the village.

With a majority of the village either being a Dingle or related to a Dingle, a user on a Digital Spy forum has asked the question “Emmerdale – The vile Dingle family need sizing down.”

The first user wrote: “I feel resentful watching them and Robron don’t help. I can’t stand the fans getting what the want.

“They dominate too much and are just vile together. It was one reason I stopped watching full episodes.

Second cousins Charity and Cain Dingle (Credit: ITV)

“All the characters are somehow linked to that family (even if it just feels that way). They even own the pub so are centre stage there to!

“Bullies and they always get their way. Everyone else is always the bad guys…

“Conning and nicking and expecting the villagers not to be upset.

“Love the Tates but both legacy characters dating a Dingle girl is just jaw dropping laziness.”

Sam and Belle Dingle are half siblings (Credit: ITV)

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A few other users agreed with the original post writing “I like the Dingles, but do agree they need sizing down a bit.”

Another said: “They seem to pop up everywhere”.

One user added: “I must admit I don’t miss Zak or Lisa one bit. Neither am I fussed Lisa is leaving. I feel both characters have come to the end of the road now. As much as I loved Faith to begin with she is starting to grate.

Aaron Dingle and half sister Liv Flaherty (Credit: ITV)

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“Debbie I would happily see killed off along with Marlon and Aaron.

“That said there are a few non-Dingles I would rather ditch first.”

Emmerdale airs Monday to Friday at 7pm with an extra episode on Thursday at 8pm

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