Emmerdale Debbie Dingle return

Emmerdale: Debbie Dingle return ruined as she’s revealed as Al’s mystery woman, fans moan

Debbie is back - and she's involved in another affair

Emmerdale fans are in shock after Debbie Dingle was revealed to be Al Chapman’s mystery woman.

Mechanic Debbie hadn’t been seen in the village for 18 months but made a return in the Christmas Day episode.

emmerdale debbie dingle al chapman
The secret relationship between Al and Debbie Dingle was revealed last night (Credit: ITV)

She met Al at a hotel near the village after being invited to Chas and Paddy’s surprise wedding.

However after Paddy cancelled the wedding, Debbie was ordered back to Scotland – but she didn’t go straight there.

Instead she stayed to romp with her lover Al – and it soon emerged she had no idea he was really with Priya Sharma.

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The episode revealed how Al had seduced Debbie months ago when she had been sent to rescue him when his car broke down in Scotland.

She thinks he is keeping their relationship a secret so her family don’t find out.

Almost no sooner had the pair met up than Debbie was sent back to Scotland.

emmerdale debbie dingle
Debbie has no idea Al is with Priya (Credit: ITV)

However, viewers know that she will soon return to the village as teased in the Christmas trailer.

Fans are in shock after her return.

One said: “OH MY GOD!!!! AL AND DEBBIE!!!! nah I did NOT see that coming! #Emmerdale”

“Omg Debbie is back #emmerdale,” said a second.

Another said: “#Emmerdale Debbie & Al!! OH MY GOD!”

Emmerdale fans furious about Debbie Dingle spoiler trailer

However others were furious at the soap for “spoiling” the return by including Debbie in a recent trailer.

“They ruined the reveal by having Debbie in the trailer,” tweeted one.

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A second added: “Just caught up with #Emmerdale. They made a mistake with showing Debbie in the trailer though.

“It was obvious she was Al’s secret woman after that!”

Another said: “ITV totally blew that reveal just a few days ago by putting Debbie in the Emmerdale Xmas trailer.”

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