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Emmerdale: Chloe will start stalking Sarah, worried fans predict

Chloe is the sister of Sarah's heart donor

Emmerdale fans are predicting that Chloe will start stalking Sarah Sugden.

A few weeks ago, Sarah tried to contact the family of the girl who donated her heart to her back in 2018.

However after the family revealed they didn’t want to see Sarah, Noah managed to track them down.

Last week, Sarah decided to meet up with her donor’s sister, Chloe.

Noah tracked down the family of Sarah’s heart donor (Credit: ITV)

Chloe told Sarah about Gemma, however when she asked to listen to Sarah’s heart, she panicked and was soon found by Lydia.

Sarah agreed not to see Chloe again, but in last night’s episode (Monday, August 23) Chloe turned up in the village to apologise to Sarah.

She told Sarah when she was ready to know more about Gemma, she could.

Chloe told Sarah about Gemma (Credit: ITV)

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Sarah decided she was ready and the two went out. Chloe showed Sarah a picture of her sister and told her a bit about her.

However fans are concerned that Chloe will begin stalking Sarah and fear she’s in danger.

Later when Lydia returned to Sarah’s, she told Lydia she won’t be seeing Chloe again. However the two were soon making plans to see each other.

Emmerdale: What’s next for Sarah and Chloe?

Having escaped Noah, Sarah is chuffed to see Chloe again.

Chloe wants to give Sarah a bracelet that belonged to Gemma. Sarah is reluctant until she sees it’s a diamond bracelet.

Sarah and Chloe meet up again (Credit: ITV)

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Sarah is pleased to have made the connection with Chloe.

Unseen, Noah watches, upset that Sarah lied to him.

Soon at home, Noah catches Sarah in a lie about what she’s been doing.

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