Emmerdale viewers turn on Chas as Paddy leaves

Last week, Paddy accidentally left baby Eve alone in a car

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Emmerdale viewers have turned on Chas Dingle because her lack of trust in boyfriend, Paddy Kirk, caused him to leave.

Last week, Paddy and his baby daughter Eve went for a drive with Marlon Dingle to help clear his mind after everything that had happened.

Marlon had a heart attack on the outing and in a rush to get him into the hospital, Paddy ended up leaving Eve in the car.

Eve was left in the car (Credit: ITV)

Eve abandoned

The baby was reported as abandoned and the police arrived.

Eve was given the all clear from the hospital, but Chas and Paddy were told that social services would need to see them because the police had been involved.

Chas was left shaken by the incident, especially as she and Paddy had already lost their baby daughter Grace, who died shortly after her birth.

As a result of what happened, the concerned mum now doesn’t want to leave Eve alone with Paddy.

Emmerdale viewers turn on Chas as Paddy leaves
Chas refused to leave Eve with Paddy (Credit: ITV Hub)

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In last night’s episode (Monday, March 23) Eve was christened alongside David’s son Theo and Victoria’s son Harry.

Chas wouldn’t leave Eve with Paddy at the church at first, and when she returned, she didn’t want Paddy holding her.

She seriously needs to back off, just a little.

Throughout the christening Chas made a fuss over her daughter and back at the pub, Paddy finally snapped when Chas also refused to let him change Eve’s nappy.

Chas had a go at Paddy in front of the pub (Credit: ITV Hub)

Exit for Paddy?

The couple argued in front of everyone and Chas told her partner: “You’re right. If that’s what you really want to hear. You left our daughter alone in a car. So yes Paddy, I really can’t leave you with her for five minutes.”

Chas explained keeping Eve safe is all that she cares about after Grace.

Later she found a note from Paddy on the table which read: “Love you both so much, but you were right. Best if I just go.”

Emmerdale viewers quickly turned on Chas, having a go at her for being harsh on Paddy.

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Do you think Chas is being too harsh on Paddy?

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