Emmerdale: Charity Dingle will take her own life, fans fear

Charity was devastated when Cain told her the family want nothing to do with her

Emmerdale fans fear Charity Dingle will take her own life after being disowned by the Dingles

Over the last few months, Charity has fallen out with many members of her family.

After splitting up with fiancé Vanessa, she ended up drinking heavily which upset her son Noah and granddaughter Sarah.

Charity has fallen out with her family (Credit: ITV)

A couple of weeks ago, she upset Noah once again when she ruined his chances to join the army.

She then went on to fall out with daughter Debbie when she told Al Chapman about Debbie’s revenge to get back at him for cheating.

Charity then made a move on Al, which Debbie later found out about.

As a result of her behaviour, her second cousin Chas, who Charity co-owned the Woolpack with, demanded she sell her share to their cousin Marlon.

Charity signed the Woolpack over (Credit: ITV)

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In Tuesday’s episode (February 23) she signed the pub over the Marlon. But when Cain came home from Scotland, he made it clear she was no longer welcome in the family.

Charity was devastated by his harsh words and left fighting back tears. However fans fear that this could lead to Charity attempting to take her own life.

What’s next for Charity in Emmerdale?

In next week’s scenes, Charity tries to make her way back on to her family’s good side. But her plan soon ends up going terribly wrong.

She breaks into the HOP office to try and steal a client’s contact in the hopes it will get her into Chas’s good books.

Charity goes into the HOP office (Credit: ITV)

But Al soon catches Charity red-handed and in an attempt to distract him, she throws his trophy for his business award in the air and makes a run for it.

However as Al makes a leap to try and catch the award, he falls and ends up banging his head and drops to the floor.

Al hits his head (Credit: ITV)

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Charity stares at him unsure what to do…

Will she get help for him? Will Al survive?

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