Emmerdale: Cain tipped to kill Lachlan in explosive showdown

Cain to the rescue?

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It’s proving to be an explosive week in Emmerdale, as Lachlan White’s heinous crimes have been uncovered by the horrified villagers.

In last night’s dramatic episode (Wednesday 5 September), Belle discovered her boyfriend really is a psycho as he kept her captive alongside Robert Sugden.

The midweek episode of the ITV soap saw serial killer Lachlan finally confess his crimes as he held Robert, Belle and an unconscious Sam Dingle hostage.

Poor Belle has an unwanted admirer (Credit: ITV)

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As he listed his victims to his shocked audience, he added: “None of this would have happened if it wasn’t for Liv! She’s an interfering [bleep]!”

Luckily, Robert managed to loosen his tied hands free but, after a struggle, Lachlan got away – kidnapping Belle at the same time.

At the first whiff of his sister being in danger, Cain raced off to find her with father Zak Dingle fearing she would be next to die.

Emmerdale Cain Dingle
Will Cain be the one to finish Lachlan’s reign of terror? (Credit: ITV)

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Despite Robert warning Cain about how dangerous Lachlan is, Cain dashed from the house with one thing on his mind – getting Belle back, no matter what the cost…

And fans believe Cain will be the one to finish off Lachlan for good.

One wrote: “Cain and Zack want to kill Lachlan.”

Another added: “I REALLY!! hope that cain takes down Lachlan! That psycho look in his eye. Let’s hope he takes the [bleep] down! Bloody love cain!

A third said: “Can Cain get to the Dingles House ASAP and sort out Lachlan once and for all please He is the only male in the village that is well able for the job.”

Meanwhile, some fans were left shocked by the language and the violence throughout the episode.

As well as Lachlan’s reign of terror, Matty had also punched a fellow pub goer in The Woolpack, leading fans to complain.

One viewer said: “With violence from the start and strong language here’s Emmerdale! It’s 7pm!! @ITV.”

Another added: “Please stop all this murdering storyline it’s disgusting and shouldn’t be on at this time.”

With Cain in hot pursuit, it’s only a matter of time before Lachlan’s murdering behaviour is brought to an end.

But will Cain kill him… Or hand him over to the authorities?

Or will someone else entirely stop Lachlan in his tracks?

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