Emmerdale boss reveals there will be a ‘socially distanced’ murder

But who is the victim?

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Emmerdale boss John Whiston has revealed there will be a ‘socially distanced’ murder coming up in the soap.

John, who is the Managing Director of Continuing Drama and Head of ITV in the North, appeared on Sky News on Tuesday (June 9) to discuss returning to filming and let slip there is going to be a murder in the Dales “quite soon”.

He said: “In terms of all the normal stuff that goes on in soaps, people kind of kissing each other or murdering each other, we’ll have to socially distance murders I think.

It wasn’t revealed who will be killed off (Credit: ITV)

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“And we actually have one coming up in Emmerdale quite soon.

“But yes, a lot will have to rely on the way actors act and the power of the script.”

During a virtual press conference last week, executive producer Jane Hudson hinted at the plot too.

Some Emmerdale scenes have to be rewritten (Credit: ITV)

“We have got a storyline coming up which we shoot very, very soon,” she said, “and we’re too far down the line to change it really. We’re commited to it.

“It’s going to be a challenge how we make it work, but we will do because that’s our job. We’ll make it work, but it’s our most challenging area.”

Who will die in Emmerdale?

So, who will be killed off? With so many storylines left on a cliffhanger ahead of the soap’s return to filming, it’s anyone’s guess.

Will Malone or Will be goners? (Credit: ITV)

DI Malone is terrorising the village – could he be on the list? Or will he kill off Will Taylor so he can get Harriet all to himself?

Or could the Andrea/Jamie/Belle love triangle end in murder?

Young Amelia is struggling over her dad’s life-changing injury and is seeking revenge on Brenda. She’s started with egging Brenda’s cafe, but could her revenge plot turn more sinister?

Emmerdale return to filming

Emmerdale was the first soap to resume filming after TV production was suspended in March.

The ITV soap resumed filming a few weeks ago (Credit: ITV)

The soap returned in order to film special lockdown episodes, which feature two or three characters.

And we actually have one coming up in Emmerdale quite soon.

Coronation Street also resumed production yesterday (Tuesday, June 9) and BBC soap EastEnders will begin at the end of June.

What is happening with Emmerdale lockdown episodes?

On Monday (June 8), viewers saw the first lockdown episode which showed Sam and Lydia struggling to get along in isolation.

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Tonight (Wednesday, June 10) viewers will see Aaron and Cain thrown together.

However things aren’t smooth sailing between the nephew and uncle.

Cain and Aaron are stuck together in lockdown (Credit: ITV)

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When Cain sees there’s a letter with a prison stamp on it, he hides it from Aaron knowing it will be from his ex-husband Robert.

But when Cain later lets slip that he hid the letter, Aaron is fuming. Meanwhile Cain struggles to open up about his feelings.

Will you be watching the lockdown episodes?

Emmerdale airs Mandy and Vinny’s episode on Monday, June 15 at 7pm, and Jimmy and Nicola’s episode on Wednesday, June 17 at 7pm on ITV.

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