Emmerdale star Eden Taylor-Draper reveals fallout with the Dingles over Jamie and Belle

Emmerdale: Belle Dingle to be victim of abuse by Jamie Tate after he turns her against her family?

The schemer has been growing darker in recent months

Emmerdale favourite Belle Dingle could be in line for a harrowing abuse storyline after Jamie Tate forced her to choose between him and her family.

The vets assistant has fans fearing for her after she was left clearly struggling with being separated from her family support by Jamie’s manipulation.

Fans are worried about Belle (Credit: ITV)

Over the last month viewers have watched as Jamie has turned darker since he hit Moira Barton with his car and left her for dead.

At first fans thought he was simply taking after his scheming mother Kim Tate, but more recently he seems to have turned his attentions to lover Belle.

What started off as a love affair has now seen Jamie’s intentions towards Belle grow darker – even going as far to using her mental health against her when battling against the other Dingles.

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Last night things turned even darker when Jamie persuaded Belle to turn her back on her family.

And not content with cutting them off, he also insisted she move into Home Farm with him.

Worse still when her brother Sam tried to make her reconsider her relationship with the love rat, she stood by and said nothing while Jamie fired him for it.

Is Jamie manipulating Belle? (Credit: ITV)

It was unforgivable for the Dingles who begged Belle to return home.

But she refused and insisted she was just there to collect her things and her medication for her mental health issues.

Later she told Jamie that she had been shunned by her family. But instead of helping her reconnect, Jamie seemed thrilled.

Emmerdale’s Belle Dingle turns her back on the family

He told her: “Belle, they still treat you like the baby of the family. You had to stand up to them.

“I bet they’ll respect you more now and have to accept it, won’t they? You and me.”

But Belle replied: “Once you turn against them, that’s it. You’re out.

“Trust me, they’ll never forgive me for this.”

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And fans are now convinced Belle is going to become a victim of abuse with Jamie’s dark side emerging more and more.

One said: “I’m wondering if this is the start of a Jamie ‘controls’ Belle storyline.”

A second said: “GET JAMIE OUT!! God, that man makes my SKIN crawl!! Sick and twisted, like his mother!”

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