Emmerdale viewers horrified as Arthur smashes Sandy’s ship in a bottle

Arthur is continuing to bully Archie...

Viewers of Emmerdale were left horrified as Arthur Thomas disgraced the memory of his late grandfather, Sandy Thomas, in last night’s episode (Monday, March 16).

Arthur upped his bullying campaign against Archie Breckle to make it look like the little boy had done something to Sandy’s ship in a bottle, when in fact it was Arthur all along.

Last year, Arthur began bullying little Archie but he eventually came clean about it to mum Laurel when Sandy died, fearing it was punishment for his cruelty to Archie.

Emmerdale fans horrified by Arthur's evil abuse of Archie
Arthur had been bullying Archie for months (Credit: ITV)

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Last week, Archie decided to get his revenge on Arthur after a cabinet fell on him and he and he claimed it was Arthur’s doing.

The incident led Laurel to tell Archie’s dad, Jai, the truth and later Archie tormented Arthur, telling him if their parents continue to believe he’s being bullied, eventually Arthur will be sent away.

Archie climbed a cabinet which fell on him, but claimed Arthur pushed it on to hm (Credit: ITV Hub)

In last night’s episode, Archie came to spend the night at Laurel’s and Arthur was upset that he was continuing to be punished for what Archie had done.

Deciding to get his own back on Archie, Arthur put Sandy’s ship in a bottle into Archie’s overnight bag and stamped on it, making it look like the little boy and stolen it.

Arthur broke Sandy’s precious ship in a bottle to get revenge on Archie (Credit: ITV Hub)

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Viewers were disgusted that Arthur had disgraced his grandfather’s memory by destroying something that meant a lot to Sandy.

Viewers know Archie loved the ship in the bottle and when he tried to climb the cabinet, he was attempting to reach it, as he was baffled by it’s creation.

How dare you Arthur!

Will Archie get the blame for Arthur’s actions, or will Laurel be able to figure out that her son was behind it?

Arthur’s bullying has affected many of Laurel’s relationships (Credit: ITV Hub)

Arthur’s bullying hasn’t just caused a problem in Laurel and Jai’s relationship, it has also affected her friendship with best pal Nicola.

Before Laurel and Jai knew the truth, Arthur blamed Nicola’s husband Jimmy for hurting Archie.

Will Arthur get the help he needs for his anger?

Emmerdale airs weeknights at 7pm on ITV, with an extra episode at 8pm on Thursdays.

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