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Emmerdale: Are Priya and Andrea dead?

Will they both be okay?

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Emmerdale characters Priya and Andrea were left in danger in tonight’s episodes (Thursday, October 21) but are they dead?

In tonight’s scenes, Andrea managed to get away from Meena, however the killer nurse caught up to her again.

Andrea refused to go down without a fight and threw a scarecrow at the nurse, causing her to fall.

Eventually Andrea got to the centre of the maze and tried to get attention.

Will Andrea survive? (Credit: ITV)

She grabbed the flare gun and told Meena to drop the sign. Meena put it down and admitted to Andrea that she killed Leanna a few months ago.

When a voice came through on the walkie talkie, Andrea became distracted and Meena attacked.

The flare gun ended up getting shot into the maze, starting a fire.

Meanwhile Priya entered the maze to put the winners bottle of champagne in the centre.

Emmerdale: Are Priya and Andrea dead?

In the maze, Meena bashed Andrea’s head against the wooden steps and put the flare gun in her hand and took her bracelet before leaving her.

Soon Priya realised there was smoke in the maze and Meena ended up getting lost herself.

When Ellis, Billy and Ben saw the flames, Ellis went in to help Priya, knowing she went in the maze to put the prize inside.

He ended up running into Meena who begged him to help her out, but he refused saying he needed to get Priya.

Eventually Ellis found Priya, but as they went to get out of the maze, a scarecrow which was on fire, fell on Priya, burning her.

Priya was badly burnt (Credit: ITV)

Ellis carried Priya out of the maze, but she was in shock from being badly burnt.

Meanwhile Andrea tried to use the walkie talkie to call for help.

However as Ben and Billy were trying to help out with the fire, they didn’t have the walkie talkie on them and didn’t hear Andrea.

Eventually Meena was saved by Mack, who went in looking for Charity, not knowing she wasn’t in the maze.

The emergency services arrived and everyone, except Meena, thought everyone got out.

Emmerdale spoilers Meena and Manpreet
Meena knew Andrea was still in the maze (Credit: ITV)

However as the episode ended, Andrea was unconscious as the smoke gathered around her.

Is she dead, and will Priya survive?

Emmerdale: What happens next?

It has not been confirmed who will die, however next week an arrest is made.

Spoilers for next week reveal the survival week ended in death and disaster.

Soon questions are being asked by DS Rogers, who is investigating. Soon a finger is pointed and an arrest is made.

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