Thomas Atkinson as Lachlan White in Emmerdale

Emmerdale airs Lachlan’s final scenes – but could he come back?

The serial killer made his exit as he was led away to a prison cell

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Emmerdale residents can breathe easy again, as their resident serial killer Lachlan White has been banged up for a “very long time”.

Last night (Wednesday 19 September), the multiple murderer was seen being led to a prison cell – but is that really the last we’ll see of him?

After the scenes aired, actor Thomas Atkinson confirmed he’s left the soap after four-and-a-half-years. However, he also teased a possible return in the future.

Lachlan in jail
Bye Lachlan! It wasn’t nice knowing you! (Credit: ITV)

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In dramatic scenes, Rebecca finally exposed Lachlan’s crimes after her kidnap ordeal, giving police the evidence they needed to send Lachlan to prison.

Using flashbacks, viewers were shown that sinister nurse Mrs Sykes had left her on the roadside.

After the episode aired, Thomas filmed a special goodbye message to fans and confirmed that his character’s reign of terror truly has ended.

For now at least!

Thomas Atkinson
Thomas said goodbye to his sadistic character (Credit: ITV)

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He said: “So, after all this time, after everything Lachlan has done, it’s all finally caught up with.

“For the last four-and-a-half years, I’ve kinda grown up here. That’s the way I see it. I’ve figured it out; I’ve spent a quarter of my life here, which is a long time… The fanbase has been amazing. They’ve shown me support.”

Asked if his twisted character would ever return, Thomas teased: “Will he be back? I don’t know. You’ll have to ask the soap gods about that. I mean, he’s not dying. He’s going to prison. There could be a trial. You know, we don’t know? We’ll have to see!”

Lachlan tried to take Belle down with him (Credit: ITV)


The actor said his highlight had been the brutal car crash which saw Lachlan kill his mum and granddad.

He was also full of praise for co-star Eden Taylor-Draper – aka Belle Dingle – saying she has been “fantastic” to work alongside.

Emmerdale viewers took to Twitter to react to Lachlan finally getting his comeuppance.

Some praised Thomas, writing: “Brilliantly portrayed character by Tom, but I’m so glad the story has ended now. I hope the evil Lachlan gets his just deserts.”

Another said: “Sad to see Thomas go, AMAZING actor 🙁 But.. umm, hope you enjoy you’re jail cell Lachlan.”

A third tweeted: “I’m not gutted it’s the end of Lachlan but I am very upset that it means no more Thomas because he is one amazing actor #Emmerdale.”

Others thought the ending was disappointing, with one saying: “That was Lachlan’s exit? Really? So lame. He deserved so much better.”

Another said: “Is that really Lachlan’s exit I felt sure there would be a dramatic last stand seems a bit anticlimactic somehow.”

A third wrote: “That was it? I still wonder if the new producers decided to wrap this stupid Lachlan storyline up sooner than was originally planned… #Emmerdale #LetsNeverMentionItAgain.”

Meanwhile, in an online poll, 78 per cent of those who took part believe that Lachlan will be back one day…

One thing’s for sure, it’s certainly going to be a LOT quieter in the village without him.

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