Emmerdale Manpreet and Meena

Emmerdale airs huge showdown between Manpreet and Meena ahead of Christmas ‘murder’

Meena and her sister are done

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Emmerdale has aired a huge showdown between Manpreet Sharma and Meena Jutla as Manpreet washed her hands of her sister for good.

It comes ahead of a Christmas clash between the siblings which will see Manpreet fight for her life against murderous Meena.

Meena pulled no punches with her sister (Credit: ITV)

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What happened between Manpreet and Meena?

After declaring a fresh start and no-more secrets with former lover Charles Anderson, Manpreet decided she had to come clean about Meena texting Ethan pretending to be Manpreet.

But never take on calculating Meena and expect to win, because she immediately jumped in and told Charles Manpreet had sent the messages.

Despite Manpreet’s desperate denials, Charles opted to believe Meena, leaving Manpreet distraught.

Meena wasn’t even sorry and tried to defend herself: “I sent those texts to help you.

“Don’t blame me for protecting my corner if you try and use them against me.”

Manpreet hinted that she knows exactly what Meena’s capable of as she revealed she knows “the depths to which you’ll sink”.

Meena greeted that comment with a smile and told her sister she did warn her to keep her mouth shut.

“You and me, Meena, we’re done,” said Manpreet.

But Meena really laid into her sister then: “You’re a homeless, husband-less mess, who just talked herself out of her own last desperate attempt at happiness.”

Tearful Manpreet asked her sister: “When did you start hating me this much?”

“I’m merely stating facts and now you’ve callously hoodwinked our beloved vicar and foolishly lost any loyalty from me. I’d say you’re pretty screwed round here, wouldn’t you? Oops,” Meena practically sung.

Emmerdale Dec 23 Manpreet is suspicious of Meena's pregnancy
Meena and Manpreet aren’t much friendlier by Christmas (Credit: ITV)

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What happens at Christmas between Meena and Manpreet in Emmerdale?

Things aren’t looking much brighter for the sisters by Christmas time.

When Manpreet hears Meena is pregnant, she’s suspicious her sibling is playing games to keep Billy from leaving her.

She soon stumbles across a social media page for Carol, the sister of Meena’s first victim, Nadine.

Manpreet meets up with Carol who reveals her belief Meena is a murderer. The news floors Manpreet, but when she catches Meena about to plant heroin on Dawn and call social services, Manpreet starts to realise exactly what her sister is capable of.

After demanding proof of her pregnancy, Meena realises Manpreet knows too much and decides she needs to get rid of her.

As Meena stalks Manpreet with a broken bottle ready to kill her sister, will she go through with it to keep her secrets?

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