Emmerdale actress Rosie Bentham explains why Gabby is desperate ‘to prove herself’ to Kim

Gabby's actions have devastating consequences for Dawn

Emmerdale actress Rosie Bentham has explained why Gabby is so desperate to prove herself to Kim Tate.

In this week’s scenes Gabby takes Bear’s wallet and puts it into Dawn’s bag, making it look as if she has stolen from him.

However Gabby’s boss Kim notices a glimmer of a smile on Gabby’s face as Dawn is ‘caught.’

Gabby frames Dawn for stealing Bear’s wallet (Credit: ITV)

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Later, Kim tells the teen that she knows she set Dawn up and has wiped the CCTV footage. Kim admits to an encouraged Gabby that she shows potential.

Emmerdale: Rosie Bentham explains Gabby’s motives

Speaking to Entertainment Daily and other media about the scenes, Rosie explained: “Now that Gabby is working at The Hide, she’s really trying to prove herself to Kim. That’s why she plants Bear’s wallet in Dawn’s bag.

“Gabby is behind the counter kind of smiling when Dawn is framed and Kim catches on to that. Kim pulls Gabby to the side at Home Farm and says: ‘That was you wasn’t it?’

Kim sees what Gabby has done (Credit: ITV)

She adds: “Gabby doesn’t actually confirm it was her, but Kim has found out by watching the CCTV. Gabby kicks herself and thinks she has blown it straight away. She worries that Kim will think she won’t have potential.

“Kim has always been so scheming with everything and Gabby wants to show that she can do that too. So that’s one of her two motives – to show Kim how much potential she’s got.

Gabby wants Dawn out of the picture

Gabby is also acting out of jealousy. Recently the teenager had a one-night-stand with Jamie Tate. But she was left upset the next day when he rejected her and turned his attention back to Dawn.

Rosie continued: “Gabby has shown an interest in Jamie for a quite a while now, ever since she’s been working at The Hide. She is attracted to him, his money and the huge house. Jamie has got everything that Gabby would want really.

Gabby is furious that Jamie has turned his attention to Dawn (Credit: ITV)

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“So although Gabby is framing Dawn to show that she can be like Kim, she’s also trying to get Dawn fired and out of Jamie’s line of women!

“Unfortunately it doesn’t work and Gabby’s plan backfires, because Jamie offers Dawn a job with him at the vets and he leaves The Hide to go back back to the vets.

“Gabby is fuming. She is so annoyed that her plan didn’t work. Kim shares that annoyance as well.”

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