Emmerdale: Aaron should be with Mackenzie, not Ben, fans say

Emmerdale: Aaron should be with Mackenzie, not Ben, fans say

Ben came into the show last year

Emmerdale fans have said they don’t want Aaron and Ben to be together, as they would rather Aaron be with Mack.

Last year, Ben was introduced to viewers as the new canoe instructor at the HOP. However it was soon revealed he was bullied by Aaron Dingle in school.

Soon Ben and Aaron put their past behind them. But their budding relationship turned sour.

Aaron and Ben went to school together (Credit: ITV)

Earlier this week, Victoria tried to encourage Ben to get out and begin dating again.

But in last night’s episode (Tuesday, May 18) Aaron was struggling to help his sister Liv as she continued to battle her alcohol addiction.

Soon Ben came along and Aaron admitted him he wasn’t sure what to do about Liv and her drinking problem.

Ben offered to help Aaron (Credit: ITV)

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Ben told Aaron his dad had a drinking problem and he and Liv would get through this.

Ben said to Aaron he would like to get to know him better and Aaron said that perhaps they could get a drink sometime.

Whilst fans like the character Ben, they want Aaron to end up with Moira’s brother, Mackenzie.


Later Ben excitedly told Victoria, Ethan and Luke that Aaron had asked him out for a drink.

Luke warned Ben to keep away from Aaron, telling him about Aaron’s temper.

Emmerdale: Aaron and Mackenzie

Over the last few weeks Aaron and Mackenzie have shared quite a few scenes together.

More recently Aaron realised Mack had taken Brenda’s expensive brooch and broke into Eric Pollard’s house to return it.

However when Pollard thought Aaron was an intruder he attacked him and ended up putting Aaron in hospital.

Fans want to see Aaron with Mack (Credit: ITV)

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In last night’s scenes Aaron was taken in by police and was charged. But will Mack come clean that he stole the brooch and Aaron was just returning it?

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