Emmerdale heartbreak for Aaron and Robert as surrogate Natalie disappears

Emmerdale heartbreak for Aaron and Robert as surrogate Natalie disappears

She has gone for good after her brief appearance last week spelling heartache for Robron

Robron are in for heartbreak in Emmerdale when surrogate Natalie disappears.

The couple were overjoyed when she agreed to be their surrogate despite finding out almost everything illegal of nasty they have done, that will be short lived.

Emmerdale heartbreak for Aaron and Robert as surrogate Natalie disappears
Natalie has already left the village and won’t return (Credit: ITV)

It has been confirmed that Natalie’s exit last week, where she promised to be in contact with the couple, was her last appearance.

A spokeswoman told the Metro: “She’s not a regular and isn’t due back on screen anytime soon.”

Natalie first appeared in the soap last week, and things got off to a shaky start after Faith’s imagination ran a bit wild and she and Bear told a few lies about the couple almost putting Natalie off.

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However, in Tuesday night’s episode when she learned about Aaron’s time in prison, Robert’s one-night stand with Rebecca, and Liv going to prison for spiking Lisa’s drink, Natalie decided not to go ahead with the surrogacy.

Luckily Faith came in and saved the day, managing to convince Natalie that they were a good couple and the baby would be safe being raised by them.

Although Aaron and Robert were thrilled when she agreed to be their surrogate, some viewers thought that something wasn’t quite right and it appears they were right.

Baby Seb Emmerdale
The couple care for Robert’s son Seb part time (Credit: ITV)

Aaron and Robert have been exploring the idea of surrogacy for the past few months and although their plan was put on hold for a while due to costs, the pair have now decided to go ahead.

Robert already has son Seb with Rebecca White. The businessman cheated on Aaron back in 2017 with ex-sister-in-law Rebecca and she ended up falling pregnant with his baby.

Although upset at first, Aaron eventually forgave Robert and the pair rekindled their relationship.

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But after Rebecca’s traumatic time in the village getting too much for her she decided to leave for a new life in Liverpool.

She took Seb with her – leaving Robert and Aaron devastated not to have him full time and Aaron developed a severe case of empty nest syndrome and immediately wanted a new baby.

But with Natalie disappearing – will they ever get to have a baby of their own?

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