Emmerdale: 5 theories on who will expose Meena – and how

Meena is getting dangerously close to being caught out

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Emmerdale killer Meena Jutla is coming dangerously close to being caught out.

As she prepares to claim her next victim in Victoria Sugden Meena might just make a mistake that leaves her secret wide open.

But who will catch her out? And how will they do it?

Emmerdale: Meena caught by Priya Sharma

Will Priya bring Meena to justice? (Credit: ITV)

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Priya has given Meena more than a few suspicious looks and has almost fallen victim to Meena herself.

In scenes aired on Tuesday, October 5, Priya caught Meena wrapping a scarf around her hands, looking as if she was preparing to kill.

Stunned Priya joked about Meena’s scarf and added: “You looked like you were about to strangle me with it.”

Fans immediately picked up on the comments suggesting Priya would be the one to out Meena.

“I really want Priya to expose Meena. She’s not stupid,” wrote one.

Victoria knows there’s something wrong with Meena

Victoria knows Meena’s not right (Credit: ITV)

Victoria is the other woman in David’s life right now, after the pair grew close bonding over childcare.

Although Vic has made it clear how she feels about David, he has said he’s sticking with Meena.

After David saved Victoria’s life, she knows he does love her, but Meena’s having none of it and keeps making veiled threated to Vic to keep away.

Victoria isn’t listening and keeps turning up at the house – but it’s just making her look more like the unhinged one!

So far, Victoria thinks Meena’s just the jealous girlfriend, but as Meena plots to kill her next week, could she be the first to realise what Meena’s really capable of? And if so, will she manage to get away and expose the truth about the Dales’ latest killer?

Could Ethan expose Meena’s secret?

Nice-guy Ethan could out Meena’s messages (Credit: ITV)

Ethan Anderson was trying to track down his mother earlier this year and started sending her messages.

What he didn’t know was that the person replying to those texts was actually Meena. The reasons for her torment are unclear, but it could be to do with her desperation to reunite Ethan’s dad, Charles, with her sister Manpreet.

Ethan was confiding in Manpreet, which Meena believed would bring her closer to Charles again.

But when Ethan’s real mother, Esme, arrived last night, she denied all knowledge of the messages. If Ethan sets out to discover who really sent them, perhaps he could expose Meena’s true nature – and a whole lot more?

Viewers certainly seem to think so.

Emmerdale: David and Jacob could find Meena’s box

Could Jacob make a big discovery? (Credit: ITV)

Earlier this year Meena killed Leanna Cavanagh after she discovered her ‘bits box.’

In Meena’s box there was a article about the suspicious death of Meena’s friend, Nadine.

When Leanna discovered the article, Meena admitted to murdering Nadine. Despite Leanna agreeing to keep her secret, Meena was taking no chances and pushed her off a bridge to her death.

Meena then stole Leanna’s ring that Jacob gave her.

When Meena moved into David’s, she made it clear she was taking her ‘bits box’ with her.

If Jacob or David find it with the article and Leanna’s ring, could they piece things together?

Manpreet might discover the truth

Manpreet might know more about her sister than she’s letting on (Credit: ITV)

Manpreet is Meena’s sister, however it’s no secret they’ve never seen eye to eye.

Meena had an affair with Manpreet’s first husband.

Will Manpreet start to realise that her sister is not who she thought she was?


Diane knows one of Meena’s secrets – could she discover more? (Credit: ITV)

Diane knows about Meena’s friend Nadine, however Meena told her that Nadine took her own life.

If Diane ever found Meena’s ‘bits box’ with the article about Nadine’s suspicious death, could she piece together all is not as it seems?

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