Easties fans call out baby blunder in Christmas Day episode

Where did that hair suddenly appear from?

The Christmas Day episode of EastEnders ended with Alfie Moon’s apparently lifeless body lying at the bottom of the stairs.

He’d been pushed by his baby mamma Hayley during a heated exchange between him, her, Kat and Stacey.

Earlier Kat had finally discovered that Cherry was in fact her husband’s daughter, just as she had decided to put her wedding ring back on.

Baby Cherry was at the centre of the drama (Credit: BBC)

Naturally devastated, Kat told Alfie to sling his hook when the deluded fool suggested that they could still be together and find Hayley somewhere to live nearby so they could share custody of the tot.

When Kat tried to throw him out, Alfie turned uncharacteristically nasty and admitted that he blamed her for the sexual abuse she’d suffered at the hands of her uncle, Harry.

Alfie then goaded her about going to give his pure, unstained daughter a goodnight kiss.

EastEnders' Alfie Moon killed by Hayley Slater in Christmas shock
Hayley pushed Alfie away (Credit: BBC)

A tussle ensued and Hayley screamed that he wasn’t going anywhere near her baby, before pushing him away.

He went flying downstairs and hit his head on some wood.

EastEnders' Alfie Moon killed by Hayley Slater in Christmas shock
Is Alfie brown bread? (Credit: BBC)

But, rather than worrying about Alfie’s fate, viewers were concerned about the manner in which the secret spilled out.

Kat intercepted Hayley’s gift to Alfie – a luscious, long lock of their daughter’s hair.

Christmas Day EastEnders BBC1
Hair it is! (Credit: BBC)

The issue was… well, baby Cherry basically doesn’t have any hair, there’s just a covering of that lovely soft baby fluff!

Beautiful, but bald! (Credit: BBC)

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