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Wednesday 29th January 2020

Which days is EastEnders on this week?

Here's when you can catch all the Walford action this week

There are four visits to EastEnders this week, January 13 2020, and Louise isn't coping with the pressure she's under.

As she makes a huge confession about Keanu, Lisa is left stunned - what will Phil say?

Elsewhere, Sonia finds herself in a terrible situation, Linda gets frightening news, and Honey realises she needs help.

Here's what's happening in EastEnders the week beginning January 13 2020.

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Monday January 13, 8pm

Louise cracks (Credit: BBC)

Bex is worried sick about Louise and when she bumps into Lisa, Bex confides her fears.

Lisa is more determined than ever to help her daughter.

After Ben issues Louise with another stern warning about her behaviour, everything proves too much...

As Louise opens up, the guilt overwhelms her and she makes a shocking confession to her mum - Keanu's dead and it's all her fault. What will Lisa do?

Sonia is left shaken by George (Credit: BBC)

Martin discovers the hit and run victim has woken up, so Sonia promises to suss him out.

At the hospital, Sonia is left shaken after speaking to George.

Mick lies to Shirley (Credit: BBC)

Mick lies to Shirley about the hotel booking from New Year's Eve, but is unaware she already knows the truth.

She urges Mick to talk to Linda and Linda is horrified when Mick confronts her.

When Linda then learns from the hotel she was there with another man, Linda is distraught. How will Mick react?

Meanwhile, Dotty makes eyes at Leo.

Tuesday January 14, 7.30pm

Ben feels the wrath of Phil's tongue (Credit: BBC)

Lisa confronts Ben and Phil with everything she knows, and Phil later lets rip at Ben when he realises Martin was the man he trusted to kill Keanu.

With Lisa begging Louise to get some help, Phil turns up and admits the truth - Louise isn't lying.

Lisa explodes at Phil, but he assures her Louise will be okay - what is he planning?

Linda isn't coping (Credit: BBC)

Linda tries to hide her hangover from Mick, and feels the pressure at work with Shirley watching over her.

Unable to cope, Linda sneaks out to drink, but when Tina arrives with a letter, the Carters are left elated.

With an excuse to pop the Champagne, Linda cracks open a bottle, but Mick is clearly worried.

Meanwhile, Billy finds evidence that Honey isn't eating and goes to extreme lengths to help her - leading Honey to make a drastic decision.

Ash encourages Honey to take a pregnancy test, and Sonia visits George again who makes a shock demand.

Callum returns, but how will Ben react?

Thursday January 16, 7.30pm

Phil faces questioning (Credit: BBC)

Phil thinks he's got everything under control as Dennis continues to ignore Sharon, but things get tense when he spots the police outside the Taylors'.

The police question Karen about Keanu, but she's quick to play things down.

However, it doesn't stop the cops showing up at Phil's...

Honey finally admits she needs help (Credit: BBC)

Honey refuses to listen to those around her, but when her actions impact Janet it's a wake-up call.

She finally opens up to Billy and admits she needs help.

Elsewhere, Martin and Sonia continue to keep their relationship a secret, but Sonia's happiness is shortlived when George piles on the pressure.

Desperate Sonia does the unthinkable...

Also, Mick apologies to Linda, but she's struggling and plans to go out.

Friday January 17, 8pm

Daniel and Jean are still happy (Credit: BBC)

Daniel arrives at the Slaters' ahead of Jean's chemotherapy appointment, but Kat insists she will take them.

Meanwhile, Sonia and Martin go for a drink together and Kush is pleased to learn they're back together.

However, when Martin arrives home, there's a letter waiting for him that leaves him rocked.

Elsewhere, Dotty tries to charm Leo, but he soon shows his true colours, and Honey forces herself to eat in front of William and Janet.

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