EastEnders trailer teases Mick will KILL Stuart

And who could blame him, frankly?

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Stuart Highway has fast become one of the most hated characters in EastEnders history, and fans are seething after discovering what he did to poor Tina.

In Friday night’s distressing episode, Tina opened up to Sonia about an incident from her past that’s left her emotionally scarred.

Mick’s little sister revealed how his so-called best mate Stuart left her half-naked, shoved in a car boot and fearing for her life.

Tina Carter EastEnders
Tina recalls the terrifying incident (Credit: BBC)

She explained how she, Mick, and some mates, including Stuart, used to play a game called Torture, where they’d all hide and, then when found, an act of torture would be carried out.

But on one night out, once Mick had gone home, things were taken too far… by Stuart.

“So I am in the boot of car an it’s going round and round in circles, spinning and there is this one track that is playing over and over; it is on a loop,” she revealed.

“I’m lying in the boot of the car and I’ve lost half my clothes and my arms and my legs are tied up,” she went on.

“And I can taste like plastic in my mouth and there’s sticky tape tied all the way round my face and it’s cutting into my cheeks.

“And I’ve got sick in my mouth, like acid making me gag, but I couldn’t.”

She added that she could smell burning and believed she would die; her nightmare only came to an end when a tramp opened up the boot.

Sonia was disgusted by the revelation (Credit: BBC)

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Tina had experienced a flashback in E20 the previous night when Stuart had requested that same song from the DJ, and looked smug about causing the frightening trigger.

Will Tina get revenge? (Credit: BBC)

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“He was looking at me and smiling,” she told astonished Sonia.

“He knew, I knew and he walked away. He was proving he could break me. It was him all along. It was him playing torture.”

Stuart’s enjoying toying with Tina all over again (Credit: BBC)

What a piece of work.

Well, EastEnders has released a trailer for next week’s episode where Mick gets wind of the incident.

Tina has steeled herself to tell her protective brother about it, only to discover that Stuart has got there first with his own version of events.

At first, Mick doesn’t know what to think, but Linda – who has also spoken to Tina about that awful night – urges him to see the wood for the trees.

The end of the trailer sees Mick looking pensive and angry: does he have murder in mind?

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