Stuart Highway reaches all-time low in tonight’s EastEnders

This is getting uncomfortable...

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If you thought Walford’s newest villain was sinister already, just wait until you see tonight’s EastEnders.

After confronting Stuart about what happened to her in the boot of a car all those years ago, Tina Carter was left far from convinced when he claimed last night that it wasn’t him who tortured her.

Tina is terrified of Stuart after what happened in the past (Credit: BBC)

But when she goes to tell Mick her suspicions tonight, Stuart has beaten her to it and is sitting around the Carter’s kitchen table, telling Mick his version of what happened in the past.

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But while gullible Mick believes everything his old friend is saying, Tina is still convinced that Stuart knows more about what happened on that fateful night and struggles to keep the secret to herself.

Will Mick believe Tina over Stuart? (Credit: BBC)

After Stuart smooth-talks his way out of trouble once again, viewers will be left convinced he isn’t telling the whole truth when he has yet another go at Tina in The Vic tonight.

Stuart has already earned himself a reputation of being shady and sinister, but he is about to reach an all-time low tonight as he goes through old pictures with Tina, pretending to work out who is responsible for her attack.

Tina’s memory is coming flooding back to her… (Credit: BBC)

But while he bluffs his way through the whole conversation, his psychological torture takes a terrifying turn, leaving Tina more convinced than ever that Mick’s best mate is the man responsible.

But with Stuart doing his usual trick and pulling the wool over Mick’s eyes, will Tina get Mick to believe her?

One person who is already suspicious of Stuart is Linda.

Stuart’s already shown his true colours to Linda (Credit: BBC)

She has never liked her husband’s oldest friend and has witnessed his dark side herself when he threatened her in the pub’s barrel store.

Linda can see that something isn’t right with Tina, but will she be able to get the truth before something awful happens?

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If Stuart’s past is anything to go by, it doesn’t look like he will stop at anything to keep his secret safe. Is Tina in more danger than she realises?

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