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Wednesday 19th February 2020

EastEnders fans furious as the Brannings let murderer Max take Abi's baby

He's not exactly a brilliant dad!

Emotions were running high in last night's EastEnders as the Square said goodbye to Abi Branning at her funeral.

But while fans were sad about Abi's untimely death - it was the young mum's new baby they were really worried about.

Pregnant Abi delivered her premature baby while she was in a coma, after falling off the roof of the Queen Vic.

Since then, the tiny girl has been virtually ignored, with only her grandfather Max showing any interest in the poor mite.

Max is the only person who's interested in the baby (Credit: BBC)

So Max wasn't allowed at Abi's funeral because he's crazy, but gets to raise Abi's baby?

The baby's grandmother - Tanya - hasn't been to visit, nor has her other grandfather, Ian Beale.

Or her Auntie Lauren.

In last night's episode it was revealed that Max had named the baby Abi, after her dead mum.

Max named the baby Abi, after her dead mum (Credit: BBC)

And in a shocking twist viewers discovered Max was planning to bring the baby up himself.

Max. Who was responsible for Abi being up on the roof of the Vic in the first place, and who killed her baby's father, Steven.

Max said this time he'd get it right (Credit: BBC)

Hmm, not sure that's the best plan.

Social media exploded as fans realised what was going on - with many people expressing their disbelief that Lauren and Tanya would leave the little girl in Max's clutches.

"Are we supposed to believe Tanya or Lauren or Cora would even let Max get another chance to get it wrong?" said one confused viewer.

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"Tanya made Max seems [sic] like a monster but she left Baby Abi in his care," agreed another.

"How can they let Max have her?" wailed another viewer.

"I don't understand Tanya thinks Max is so dreadful yet she's leaving Abi's baby her granddaughter with Max," one viewer pointed out.

And another added: "So Max wasn't allowed at Abi's funeral because he's crazy, but gets to raise Abi's baby."

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"She's more than happy to let him bring up baby Abi without so much as an argument. Ok..." said another.

Seems an odd choice to us, but maybe Max is right and this time he will get it right. Once he's found somewhere to live, and had a wash, and maybe got himself a job...

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