EastEnders SPOILER: Stuart Highway to be dead by Christmas?

He's the villain we all love to hate!

Stuart Highway has certainly made an impression since he arrived in Walford earlier this year.

And not in a good way.

He’s a manipulative bully who threatens women and left poor Tina Carter fearing for her life. And that’s just for starters!

“I’ll go where I want, when I want.” (Credit: BBC)

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While fans are desperate for Mick Carter to deliver some rough justice to his old friend, others predict Stuart won’t be around for too long anyway!

BBC viewers have been pretty vocal about wanting to see the back of sinister Stuart, and there’s a list doing the rounds of  who will give Stuart his ultimate comeuppance…

Favourites to kill off the menacing newcomer include Mick, Linda, Shirley and, of course, Tina – who lashes out at Stuart next week and leaves him for dead.

Will Mick see red when he finds out the truth about his old ‘friend’ (Credit: BBC)

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Other theories include long-bullied brother Halfway, as well as his protective girlfriend Whitney…

To be honest, the list of people who would want to harm Stuart is endless. And let’s not forget the self-proclaimed paedophile hunter has been taking the law into his own hands and dealing with some very dangerous people.

Could one of the paedophiles he’s ‘exposed’ seek revenge?

EastEnders fans have predicted that the Uncle-Fester-lookalike will be dead by Christmas, and are even suggesting a Who Killed Stuart storyline for the festive season…

Somebody get the EastEnders scriptwriters on the phone right away! This is a cracking idea…

Fan site EastEnders Weekly Podcast tweeted: “Who Killed Stuart for XMAS 2018? #eastenders.”

And fans agreed, with one replying: “I’m down for that!”

Another said: “Stuart is a strong manipulator & it can’t run for so long. Mick needs to kill him off.”

However, some fans want Stuart to live and carry on scaring Walford indefinitely, with one writing: “I’ll be really upset if Tina kills Stuart! He’s been one of the best new villains.”

It’s certainly true that an evil villain like Stuart doesn’t usually survive long in Walford…

Especially if they mess with a family like the Carters.

But will fans get Stuart’s dead body gift-wrapped for Christmas this year? We can’t wait to find out!

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