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Thursday 20th February 2020

EastEnders SPOILER: Stacey's heartbroken when she sees Martin kiss another woman!

But is Martin in danger?

We really and truly thought Martin and Stacey Fowler would put their troubles aside and manage to make their marriage work.

But it seems we were wrong.

Because this week, Stacey spots Martin sharing a cosy moment with another woman - and Martin tells his wife he wants a DIVORCE!

With hostilities suspended for the sake of the kids, the warring couple go to watch a children's show at the community centre together. But Martin is annoyed when he finds out Stacey has invited Kush along too.

Martin tells Stacey he wants a divorce (Credit: BBC)

When Stacey arrives just in time to see Hayley give Martin a kiss, she's not happy!

After yet another row, the pair try to talk about their differences but they can't put Stacey's betrayal behind them and frustrated, Martin tells her he wants a divorce.


Eager to get the legal bits sorted, Martin speaks to a solicitor - but when Stacey comes round to talk about the kids, he realises he's been a bit hasty.

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He tells his solicitor he's had a change of heart, but it's too late - an email has already been sent to his missus.

Has Stacey seen the email? (Credit: BBC)

In proper soap style, he legs it round to try to delete it before she sees - but has he got away with it?

Later, Martin's surprised when he's on his stall and a young woman strikes up a conversation. It's Hayley - the woman we saw spying on Mr Fowler across the Square and later, speaking to someone on the phone about him.

Hayley's been spying on Martin (Credit: BBC)

Of course, Martin doesn't know Hayley's up to something and he's flattered by her attention.

And he's even more flattered when he bumps into her again in the cafe. She's obviously keen to get to know him so Kush leaves the pair alone to spend some time together.

But when Stacey arrives just in time to see Hayley give Martin a kiss, she's not happy!

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Is Hayley really interested in Martin or is her flirting something to do with the reason she's in Walford?

And does her getting close to Mr Fowler mean the end of his marriage? Or something even more sinister?

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