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Sunday 26th May 2019

EastEnders SPOILER: Phil’s back and on the rampage!

Ben's exit is revisited in tonight's episode - but is he dead or alive?

The men involved in Aidan's New Year heist all come out of hiding during tonight's visit to Walford - but Phil isn't happy when he discovers Ben's gone - and so is the money.

When Ben fled the country with a suitcase full of cash - he thought he was on to a winner until someone double crossed him at the last moment, leaving him with just a small fortune of the heist loot.

Last we saw of Ben he was alive and well - but is that still the case? (Credit: BBC)

But when Phil comes back to Albert Square tonight, he's shocked to find his son missing and immediately worries about his safety.

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As all the men involved in the heist start to ask questions about the missing cash, it doesnt take Phil long to realise his son was involved.

Phil's back - and immediately suspicious when Kathy shows off the necklace Ben gave her (Credit: BBC)

But when Jay Brown doesn't tell Phil much about what's been happening while he was away, he turns to Billy instead.

But as soon as Billy reveals that Mel Owen is back in town, Phil knows something's up and decides to put the missing puzzle pieces together and try to find out what happened to Ben.

The last time we saw Ben he was heading off to Calais with a pocketful of cash - but with Ciara lurking on the ferry, no one really knows what fate Ben met that day.

Phil's surprised to see Mel Owen is back (Credit: BBC)

Tomorrow's episodes see Phil coming face to face with Mel for the first time in 15 years - but this isn't a moment for catching up on old times.

Both Mel and Phil want that cash, and to know where Ben is... albeit for different reasons.

As Phil threatens to go and see Ciara himself, Mel panics and opens up about the threats she has been getting over her son's Hunter.

Could Mel and Phil work together to save their children? (Credit: BBC)

Realising they both just want what is best for their sons, could Mel and Phil team up and get the heist money back together?

Meanwhile, Mick's panicking as the deadline for paying Fee Browing for the Vic freehold is looming. If he doesnt get his hands on the cash by the end of the week, the Carters will lose their pub.

The heist team want some answers... (Credit: BBC)

Desperate for answers, Mick calls a meeting and gathers all the heist team together - but when they start accusing Aidan of keeping the cash from them, are they playing with fire?

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EastEnders continues tonight at 8pm on BBC One.